View Wonders of Summer Solstice in Puer

What will happen in Pu’er on the day of summer solstice? And what are the effects on our bodies?


Located at 101°41′E23°26′N, Mojiang is passed through by the Tropic of Cancer. Every year on the day of summer solstice, sunlight directly shines at the Tropic of Cancer. At 13:15, a spectacular astronomical phenomenon of “Sun in the middle of the sky with no shadow of any standing pole” will be formed in Mojiang. At that moment, as long as you stand on the Tropic of Cancer in Mojiang, your inseparable shadow will be totally under your feet.


On the day of summer solstice, go for a close date with the sun in Mojiang, observe the astronomical wonder of standing poles with no shadow, and witness the beautiful moment of sun turn-back! This day is not only a day to witness the magical landscape, but also a day when the Hani people in Mojiang take the holy flame and offer sacrifices to the Sun God to pray for days of happiness and well-being.


At 13:30, the flame taking ceremony starts. After three trombone sounds, 8 “guards” led by the “Mo-Phi” step onto the flame taking tower. The “Mo-Phi” holds with the holy water in his left hand and leaves in his right hand, and recites praying words while sprinkling the holy water. The Hani holy saintess ignites incense, and put tea, wine, cakes, Baba (cake or pie in Yunnan dialect) and other sacrifices offerings to worship the heaven god, the sun god, and the fire god. Then, the headman of Hani people with a red rooster in his hands leads Hani twins into the holy land, uses the long torch in his hand to take the flame and passes it to all people in the group. After the completion of the ceremony, a carnival of singing and dancing comes.



Every year the day of summer solstice when the sun directly shines on the Tropic of Cancer, marks the arrival of midsummer. At that time, to watch the sunrise, sunset and take beautiful photos at an altitude of more than 3,300 meters on the top of the Wuliang Mountain, the highest in Pu’er, is a great enjoyment for shutterbugs. Jingdong Wuliang Mountain is the most ideal place to shoot sunrise and sunset because of its high altitude, wide vision and rich vegetation environment. Compared to the sunrise, people prefer to shoot sunsets, because, after the sunset before dusk, the sun goes through the colorful clouds on top of the mountains and walks carefully down, then a mysterious, beautiful and fascinating picturesque scene appears in front of people. At that time, the sun is like a golden plate, takes back its dazzling light, and emits a layer of golden light, showing a particularly magnificent scenery. The most beautiful images will be captured if you take out your camera at this moment.



The day of summer solstice is the day with the longest daytime. The lotus blossoms are blooming in the Zhenyuan Wuliang Wetland Park. The citizens have a summer cool place for the “Dog Days” around summer solstice. Lotus Pond, as a sightseeing rest place in Wuliang Park, a variety of lotus bloom one batch after another. The bursts of lotus make people linger on with no thought of leaving for home, as if it is waiting for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of “ten-mile lotus pond with elegance and aromatic coolness in Zhenyuan”!