West Grand Canyon of Yangtze River in Zhaotong

Why is West Grand Canyon So Special?

Because of its sheer precipices and large-scale vegetation, the canyon attracting visitors with its alpine features is deemed a “Bright Pearl” in Yunnan, Sichuan and even Southwest China. The West Canyon is famous for various hot springs of all sizes boasting more than 30 kinds of hot-spring styles such as medicinal herbals, milk, coffee, petals and vinegar etc. Integrating SPA, Water Stage and Wetland Park, the canyon was approved in March 2011 as a state 4A-level scenic spot by China National Tourism Administration.

Where is West Grand Canyon – Location

Geographically located on the riverbanks of the Jinsha River (the Yangtze River), only an hour’s drive from Yibin of Sichuan. It is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Shuifu County of Yunan Province and about 32 kilometers (20 miles) from Yibin city of Sichuan Province. 

In a broad sense, the grand canyon refers to the “Grand Canyon in Western China” starting from Qiaojia County(巧家县) to Shuifu city(水富县), in a total length of 1,300 kilometers. It twists and turns like a python on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. From the Dayao mountain(大药山) of Qiaojia County at an altitude of 4040 meters to the Gunkanba(滚坎坝) of Shuifu city at an altitude of 267 meters, the deepest point of the canyon reaches 2040 meters, and the bottom is 50 meters to 2000 meters wide.

How is the West Grand Canyon formed?

As the Jinsha river flows through the Shuifu(水富) to Xiangjiaba(向家坝), it runs rapidly and forms a Jinsha Valley with green mountains, narrow gorge and steep water due to the high mountains nearby over 500 meters above sea level.

How to Get There?

West Grand Canyon of Yangtze River in Zhaotong

Tourists can arrive at Zhaotong city first and then take the bus or taxi to West Grand Canyon.

By Air: Take the flight to Zhaotong and then transfer to Shuifu County. 

By Train: Take train No.K1139 in Yibin city and get off at Shuifu station. 

By Long-distance Bus: Take long-distance bus from Kunming, Yibin, etc.

By Ship: Zhaotong has a passenger port in Shuifu County, operating ships directly to Chongqing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

Main Attractions

West Grand Canyon Hot Spring
It is the largest outdoor hot spring area in Asia, which is known as a “bright pearl” on southwestern tourist lines. There are over 30 kinds of spa pools, with milk, coffee, petals or vinegar inside. Other supporting facilities have also been built, including sports, shopping, performing, conference and dining centers.

Other Attractions
Other attractions in the grand canyon include several national park and nature reserve like Luohanba(罗汉坝), Tongluoba(铜锣坝), Yaoshan(药山), and some other scenic spots like Huanglianhe Waterfalls of Daguan(大关黄连河瀑布群) and Xiao Caoba(小草坝), Shimenguan of Dousha Ancient Town(豆沙古镇石门关), Dashanbao Nature Reserve, etc. 

West Grand Canyon of Yangtze River in Zhaotong

Best Time to Go

It’s suitable to pay a visit all-year-round and winter is a especially good time to enjoy a hot spring bath here.

Accommodate at West Grand Canyon

Tourists can stay inside the scenic spot for overnight. Around the scenic spot, there are also various hotels for you to choose.