Wulichong Ecological Tea Garden in Mengzi City, Honghe

Wulichong Ecological Tea Garden Company Ltd.(红河五里冲生态茶业有限公司) intergrates the plantation, the processing and the promotion of tea, the design of the tea garden, the construction of the tea plantation with the tea culture sightseeing tourism. The company has the tea plantation of 500 mu (1 mu=0.0667 hectares). The main products are Golden Camellia & Rhododendron tea of “Long Gu Lake” branch, black tea with high aroma, authentic Honghe Oolong Tea and Pu’er tea. Our tea enjoys great popularity in China. We have customers from Guang zhou, Beijing, Fujian, Yunnan, Taiwan, Xinjiang and the other parts of China.

◎ Our team and products

The research team of the company has over ten tea experts, scholars and technicians. The plantation is also the teaching practice base of Yunnan Agricultural University(云南省农业大学), Honghe Autonomous Prefecture Agricultural Institute(红河州农校) and Honghe College(红河学院). Being the teaching practice base of Yunnan Agricutural University promotes the tea with high aroma’s research and development, accelerates its achievement transformation, and facilitates its technical consulting. The company has conducted a novelty research on The R&D and Demostration of Organic Oolong Tea with High Aroma(高香型有机乌龙茶研发与示范) with Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Science(云南省农科院). The research has proved that Oolong Tea is one of the most processing potential teas in the 21st century. The environment of our plantation is ecologically friendly and world class which ensures the supreme quality of Oolong tea and semi-fermented tea during their plantation, growth and processing. The report of the related authority organizations recognize and admire the high quality of our tea.

◎ Our History and Culture

Wulichong Ecological Tea Company Ltd., established in June, 2004, is the leading company of Yunnan province. Wulichong Ecological Tea Garden Company Ltd. intergrates the plantation, the processing and the promotion of tea, the design of the tea garden, the construction of the tea plantation with the tea culture sightseeing tourism. We are a people-oriented company and we pay high attention to the scientifical and technological innovation. We have a good relationship with Yunnan Agricultural University(云南农业大学), Yunnan province academy of agricultural science institute of tea(云南省农科院茶叶研究所), China tea cultural institute(中国茶文化研究院), Southwest Foresty University(西南林业大学), etc. We have a research team of more than 20 tea experts, scholars and tenicians. Each year we product more than 100 ton of tea, and 1000 ton every year is our goal.

◎Our reputation

The “Longgu Lake”(龙谷湖) brand Golden Camellia tea, togheter with plateau oolong tea, Pu’er tea series, they became the hospitality teas for the “Chinese Film Centennial Honghe Film Week”(“中国电影百年红河电影周”) and the conmemorative tea for celebrating the shooting of the TV series “Tian Xia Yi Wan” (天下一碗/a TV series about the Yunnan’s representative food ricenoodles); they are the designated tea of “The 12th Games of Yunnan Province”(云南省第十二届运动会) and “The 7th Orchid Fair”(云南省第七届兰博会); they also became the designated tea of “50th Anniversary of the Honghe Autonomous Prefecture”(红河州建州五十周年). Our products – “Oriental Beauty Tea”(东方美人茶) and “Oolong Tea”(乌龙茶) won the 2007 “International Pu’er Tea Association Gold Award”(国际普洱茶协会金奖); Plateau Oolong Tea won the Gold Award of “China Famous Tea” in 2011 (Shanghai) International Tea Industry Expo(中国(上海)国际茶业博览会). In 2009, our trademark “Longgu Lake” was awarded the title of Famous Trademark of Yunnan Province; in 2010, it became the teaching practice base of Yunnan Agricultural University. Then, together with the Yunnan province academy of agricultural science institute of tea, they established the “Golden Camellia Tea R&D Center”(金花茶研发中心) and won the honorary title of the most influential tea enterprise in 2010 in China. In 2011, the company’s plantation was designated as the shooting base of MV “I am going to Honghe”(我要去红河), the song which won the Annual Golden Melody Awards; In 2013, it won the honorary title of Yunnan Growth-type Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; In 2014, the company became the sponsor of the 3rd local song contest in Yunnan Province .

Chinese Version:
Translated by Liu Yuling/刘宇灵