Luxi Mosque in Luxi County, Honghe

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Chinese Name: 沪西县城清真寺

Location: Huxi County City, Yunnan Province, China.

Historical Background:

  • The exact founding date of Luxi Mosque is unknown, but it was destroyed towards the end of the Republican era (around 1949). It was reconstructed in 1991.
  • Luxi County is known for its “Alu Ancient Cave,” a famous tourist attraction, contributing significantly to local tourism and external exchanges. The reconstruction of the mosque was facilitated by the need to accommodate Muslim visitors for daily life and prayers, reflecting cooperation across various sectors to support local development and international interactions.

Architectural Features:

  • The mosque covers an area of 2 mu (approximately 1.33 hectares), with the main prayer hall occupying 250 square meters. It features a modern multi-story architectural style, adorned with pointed arch arcades and a large green dome, giving it a grand and imposing appearance.
  • Originally designed as a 5-story structure, it currently operates with 2 completed floors.

Community and Facilities:

  • The mosque complex includes the main prayer hall, Huxi Arabic School, mosque restaurant, accommodations for the Imam and scholars, and houses three copies of the Quran.
  • It serves as a central hub for religious and community activities, providing essential services and educational opportunities for the local Muslim population.

Cultural and Touristic Significance:

  • Located in a region known for its cultural heritage and tourist attractions, the mosque not only caters to the religious needs of the local Muslim community but also welcomes a diverse range of domestic and international tourists interested in its architectural and cultural significance.

Geographical and Transportation Information:

  • Located in Luxi County Town, Yunnan Province, China, the mosque is easily accessible within the city, facilitating both local and tourist visits.

The Luxi Mosque stands as a symbol of cultural preservation, religious practice, and community unity, embodying the intersection of tradition and modernity in its architectural and functional design.