Yi Ethnic Costume-making Skill in Wuding County, Chuxiong 

Chinese Name: 楚雄州武定县彝族服饰制作技艺 
English Name: Yi Ethnic Costume-making Skill in Wuding County, Chuxiong 

The Yi ethnic memory culture and intangible cultural heritages are showed through pictures, physical objects, reproductions, audiovisuals, live performances and other methods in Wuding County Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Exhibition Hall(武定县非物质文化遗产保护展示厅), which covers about 150 square meters. The intangible cultural heritage of the Yi nationality is so vast that distributed in all Yi areas, including the Yi clothing, music, dance, folk customs, traditional handicrafts, production and life.

The Yi people is one of the ancient nations in China. In the long history, the Yi people have created a great amount of worthful and splendid culture, and among them the colorful clothes of the Yi people are not only full of material wealth, but also the wisdom of the Yi people, especially the costumes of the Chuxiong Yi people, which are practical and have its own aesthetic characteristics compatible with the scenery and traditional culture of the city. Because the regional environment in which they live is mostly mountainous and semi-mountainous that result in the cold climate, and the Yi people are favorite of black, their clothes,which pay more attention to thickness and warmth, are mostly in teal and blue,but it does not appear to be monotonous, because of the differences in the regions, natural environment and production economics among the13 branches of the Chuxiong Yi nationality. In addition, there are special clothing such as wedding clothes, battle clothes, mourning clothes, and Bi Mo(毕摩). Some are graceful and luxurious, some are clean and neat, and some are gorgeou and generous. Therefore all of them are really dazzling and dizzying.