Yikeyin-Kunming Old House Restaurant

Kunming Old House Restaurant is a 100-years-old Qing-dynasty style building originally constructed in 1852. Yi Ke Ying is the vivid description for it, which means the bird-eye view is something like an ancient seal. Yunnan famous local food is served here. The vintage restaurant serves authentic Yunnan delicacies, and is also where visitors to Kunming can enjoy steamed chicken, roasted pork on tiles, and fried Er’kuai (locally called Da Jiu Jia). Nearby sites include Jingxing Free Market, Nanping Pedestrian Street and Shuncheng Shopping Mall etc.


Tel: 0871-63644555
Add: Jingxing Market


Public Bus No. 10, 82, 84,116, stop at west entrance to Nanping Pedestrian Street