Yunnan University of Finance and Economics in Kunming

Funded in 1951, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YNUFE) is located in the northern part of “Eternal Spring City” Kunming. The Economics, Management and Law available there is enjoying great popularity among international students.Aiming at promoting the globalization of higher education and academic research, YNUFE has established close links with over 70 universities or educational agents in nearly 30 countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Thailand, USA, UK, and France. You will enjoy a good time in YNUFE physically and spiritually.

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE; Chinese: 云南财经大学) is a provincial-level university in Kunming, Yunnan province, China focusing on fields related to commerce and management.


YUFE was established as the Yunnan Financial Cadres Training School in early 1951. Its goal was to train Communist Party officials in basic financial and accounting management skills. In 1958 the school was combined with four other training institutions to become the Yunnan Institute of Finance and Trade (YIFT). During the Cultural Revolution the school was shuttered for seven years, not fully resuming operation until 1978. The following year the provincial government announced a plan to transform YIFT into a full-fledged institution of higher education, extending its offerings to four-year bachelor’s degrees.

In 1998, the People’s Government of Yunnan Province announced a plan to merge the Yunnan Economic Management Cadres College with the Yunnan Institute of Finance and Trade. In 1999 the institution was awarded full university status, and renamed the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

University Rankings

Year National Ranking Provincial Ranking  Total Score
2019 266 6 61.55
2018  289 6 60.96
2017  289 6 60.82

School Spirit

The school spirit of “Practicality and Innovation” is Yunnan University of Finance and Economics’s long-standing tradition and eternal pursuit of running a school. “Practicality” means being practical and pursuing truth. Teachers and students are encouraged to treat their work with a down-to-earth attitude, to treat their studies with a rigorous and scientific attitude, to treat their studies with a sincere spirit of learning, and to pursue truth with perseverance. “Innovation” advocates emancipating the mind, keeping pace with the times, reforming the old and innovating, pursuing excellence, cultivating creative talents and producing innovative results.


Yunnan University of Finance and Economics is located on Longquan Road. YUFE consist of an area of 1021 mu (68 hectares) with about 634,000 square meters of floor space. The university library has a collection of 1.4 million items. The climate is pleasant and the campus is not too big. It is divided into two parts, the north and the south. The coverage of trees on the campus is relatively high. It is good to walk around at night. There are undergraduates, postgraduates and foreign students on the campus. Most of them are in the north and some are in the south. The east gate of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics is still very good and it feels very comfortable to enter.

Present Scale

It is a comprehensive university with programmes in economics, management, law, philosophy, liberal arts, natural science and engineering education. The university is accredited to offer bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctoral degrees.

The university has a total of 17 teaching department, including the School of Finance, School of Business Administration, and the International Business School. It has a total 28 undergraduate specialties. This also consist of eight provincial key disciplines and four provincial key subjects.

YUFE has four first class disciplines in theoretical economics, applied economics, management, science, engineering and business administration. There are other 40 second-class disciplines which the university can confer grant Masters` degrees at YUFE.

The university has over 12,000 full-time students (undergraduate and graduate). The total number of students is approximately 24,000, including part-time students, foreign students and mature age students.

The faculty of YUFE comprises over 1,300 faculty members including 787 full-time lecturers. Among them, there are more than 300 professors or associate professors and 70 Doctors. YUFE also hired 10-20 foreign expert teachers who teach English language classes and business classes in English.

Scientific Research

The school actively carries out scientific research to continuously improve its ability to serve the local economic and social development. 160 national projects and 252 provincial and ministerial projects have been approved. More than 700 books have been published, of which 185 have been published by one type of publishing house. More than 6,050 papers have been published in public, 586 of which are of core class A or above, 828 of which are included in CSSCI. 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers, 3 provincial philosophy and social science research bases, 1 provincial engineering and technology research center, 6 provincial innovation teams, 3 provincial key cultivation new think tanks, 6 university science and technology innovation teams, 4 university key laboratories, 2 university new think tanks and 1 university engineering research center will be built. The scientific research achievements won 124 awards above the provincial and ministerial levels, forming a strong academic atmosphere throughout the school.

International Education

The school insists on opening up its schools and has successively launched international education cooperation projects with universities and institutions in more than 30 countries, including Cook University in the United States, Charles Dou University in Australia, Lombia University in Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, and the International Hotel and Tourism Management Business School of Vadeiler Education Group in France, which have jointly organized bachelor’s degree education projects in international accounting, international business, finance and hotel management. Cooperate with university of greenwich to hold postgraduate education programs in project management and real estate management; The Bangkok Business School of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, held in cooperation with Thailand’s Lanshi University in Thailand, is the third overseas institution approved by the Ministry of Education.

The school’s overall development goals and personnel training goals

Overall Goal: Build a High Level University of Finance and Economics

In November 2016, the fourth party congress of the school proposed the school’s development ideas and goals for the next 5 to 10 years: adhering to the development strategy of “one main wing” and focusing on the cultivation of academic talents, with the cultivation of applied talents and the international running of schools as the two wings, and rationally positioning the type and scale of talent cultivation; Insisting on connotation development, focusing on personnel training, discipline construction as the leader, team construction as the foundation, research service as the guidance, and comprehensively improving the comprehensive strength; Adhere to the characteristic development, extend the education chain, create a suitable brand of vocational education, innovate the international cooperation mode, and establish an international brand of running schools. Adhere to the open development, stimulate the development potential and vitality of the school.

The basic connotation of this goal

closely surrounding the central task of training high-quality practical talents, educating people first and moral education first, cultivating the spirit of modern universities, speeding up the modernization process, improving the level of internationalization, further integrating social resources, deepening internal reforms, consolidating the foundation of development, strengthening the construction of high-level disciplines, talents, educational environment, improving the level of teaching, scientific research, service and management, striving to build the school into a high-level financial university with prominent status in Yunnan, distinctive features in the country and high reputation in the international community, and making greater contributions to the economic and social development of local, national and regional areas.

The goal of personnel training

To train high-quality practical talents with good basic quality, strong practical ability and great development potential.

Academic Departments

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics currently has the following schools, colleges and institutes under its administration:

  • School of Finance and Public Administration
  • School of economics
  • School of finance
  • school of Business 
  • accounting institute
  • School of Information 
  • School of Statistics and Mathematics
  • School of City and Environment
  • school of Law 
  • School of media
  • School of Logistics 
  • School of Modern Design and Art
  • School of International Business 
  • School of China Vocational 
  • School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • School of continuing education
  • School of Marxism
  • School of Physical Education 
  • International  School of Language and Culture
  • School of Overseas  

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