Jigong Mountain of Dashanbao Nature Reserve, Zhaotong

Why is Jigong Mountain So Special?

Covering 192 square kilometers, it is a national-level nature reserve and an important international wetlands area with an elevation of up to 3300 meters. Jigong Mountain is the best place to watch clouds and sunset at Dashanbao Nature Reserve in Yunnan. It takes the name from its crest-like shape of a rooster. Its “grand and graceful” scenery consists of the uncanny craftsmanship of nature. 

Where is Jigong Mountain – Location

Jigong mountain, 1 km west of the Tiaoduhe dam, belongs to the summit of Wulian peak of Liangshan mountain range. It is situated in Dashanbao Township in Zhaoyang District of Zhaotong Municipality, 79 km away from downtown Zhaotong City. 


The deep and long Jigong mountain grand canyon, majestic and magnificent, with overlapping mountains, wispy clouds and mist, rolling down. The top of the mountain is 3,364 meters above sea level, while the bottom of the valley stretches along the Yangtze river, less than 600 meters above sea level. The vertical height difference is more than 2,700 meters, which is 1,000 meters deeper than the grand canyon in the United States and one of the deepest grand canyon in the world. The valley bottom is the hot valley scenery, while the mountain top is the alpine prairie landscape,which has the perfect explanation of a mountain and four seasons.

Rising from the valley, Jigong Mountain has three cliffs, towering into the sky long and narrow, only a two-feet path leading to the top. Standing on the top of the mountain, you’ll be amazed at the craftmanship of nature. Looking far into the distance, “the first peak of northeast Yunnan” – Qiaojia medicine hill stands in the southwest direction. Looking west, sometimes sunshine shining on the water surface of Jinsha River and sometimes the mist occupying all the area.

How to get there?

Jigong Mountain of Dashanbao Nature Reserve, Zhaotong

Trains, buses and planes are optional ways from Kunming to Zhaotong. There are several trains from Kunming to Zhaotong. At least, the train journey is about 9 hours. Via expressway, Zhaotong City is about 350 km away from Kunming. The flight time is about 1 hour. Dashanbao is about 80 km away from the seat of Zhaotong. There are regular buses. Howerver, self-driving is more convenient.

The best way for tourists to get to Dashanbao is car-rental. Many of the attractions in the scenic spot are 2- 5 kilometers away from where you are staying.

Best Time to Go

From May and September are the best time of year for outdoor activities in Jigong mountain. The other months are also suitable for Jigong Mountain travel.

Accommodate at Jigong Mountain

If you want to see the sea of clouds and sunrise, it is recommended to stay at Dashanbao Town while if you just want to watch the sunset, stay at the Zhaotong city where the accommodation condition is better. 

Attractions Nearby

Huanglianhe Scenic Area:
Located in Daguan County, it has a grand waterfall group hidden in the depths of the mountain valleys. Water curtains, caves and many other spectacles make this scenic area an attractive spot in Zhaotong.

Islamic Style Park: 
It is only 5 kilometers away from Ludian county seat. It is a national tourist attraction integrating the ethnic culture, wedding culture, food culture, clothing culture of Hui ethnic people and the most distinctive ethnic tourism in southwest China.

Wanghailou Tower: 
Wanghai Tower is located in the southern suburbs of Zhaotong city at the foot of Fenghuangshan mountain, built in the Qing dynasty(Qianlong 25 years). It was designated as a city-level cultural relic protection unit in 1983.

Jigong Mountain of Dashanbao Nature Reserve, Zhaotong

Useful Travel Tips

There are strong ultraviolet rays at Alpine meadow, so protect yourself from the sun. 

Renting a car to tour Jigong Mountain is more convenient.