Yiliang County (Zhaotong) History

In Xia and Shang dynasty, Yiliang(彝良) was the territory of Liangzhou(梁州) and Yongzhou prefecture(雍州) and in Qin dynasty,   it was under the command of Yelang kingdom(夜郎国). During Han and Jin dynasty, it was subordinate to Shushi county(朱提县) and it belonged to Xiezhou prefecture(协州)  in Tang dynasty. Later, in Song dynasty, it was named Yiniang tribe(易娘部) and subordinated to Xvzhou prefecture. In Yuan dynasty, it was under the command of Mangbu Road(芒部路). In Qing dynasty, it was under the administration of Yunnan province. In 1913,  Yiliang prefecture was recalled and Yiliang county was established. Since 1922, the county has been subordinate to Zhaotong city.