Zhenxiong County Entertainment

Zhenxiong county(镇雄县) is abundant in all kinds of entertainment resources and facilities. What would you like to do to kill time when you are in Zhenxiong county? Local people always stay in the teahouses during their daytime, drinking a cup of tea, playing cards or mahjong. At night, KTV is the best choice , singing song in KTV helps you relax yourself entirely. Bars and billiards club are also good choices to kill time.

Penglai Island entertainment Center(蓬莱岛娱乐城)

Address: on the Dragon Well Road in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city(昭通市镇雄县龙井路142)

Red Mill Teahouse & KTV(红磨坊茶室KTV)


Address: near No.50 on the Eastern Street (昭通市镇雄县东正街50附近)

New Viewpoint KTV(新视点KTV)

Tel: 0870-3122221

Address: No.50 on the Southern Avenue in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city(昭通市镇雄县南大街51号)

Megastar Billiards Club(皇朝台球俱乐部)

Address: No.160 on the Nanguang Road in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city(昭通市镇雄县南广路160号)

Phoebe Bar(菲比酒吧)

Tel: 08703831555

Address: No.379 on the Nanguang Road in Zhenxiong county, Zhaotong city(昭通市镇雄县南广路379号)