Zhongding Village in Bingzhongluo, Nujiang

Brief Introduction

Zhongding Village is located at Bingzhongluo Town, with a population of 206, mainly Tibet and Nu ethnic people. According to the talks with the elderly people here, French missionary Ren Anshou ordered people to plant a lot of grapes during the his term of missions, meanwhile, he invited experts from French and Thakin to make wine, and built cellars to store grape wine. As the historical records, the chestnut trees here were brought by French missionary Xu Shizuo from foreign countries. Nujiang River is next to Zhongding Village, there still existed 7 wasted gold mines along with the river, and today we can see the lampstand used for digging the mine in the hole, just proving the old saying, “mine mountain, gold river.”

It’s the first village from Bingzhongluo to Qiunatong village.  Most of the villagers here are religious, and Buddhism, Catholicism and Christianity coexist, so the people are simple and unsophisticated.

How to Get there

By Bus
The only access to Bingzhongluo by road is from the south via Liuku, Fugong and Gongshan. A direct bus to Liuku leaves at 8 am every morning from the front of Yudong Hotel. It stops briefly at Gongshan, then long enough at Fugong for a quick lunch. Two buses leave from Liuku at 6:20 and 8:20, arriving in Bingzhongluo in the afternoon. The trip takes 8 hours though schedules sometimes vary so it’s best to check before buying your ticket. Then take local mini-bus from Bingzhongluo Town to Zhongding Village.

By Car-rental
Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide the car-rental service for our clients with good vehicle and skilled driver. 

Useful Travel Tips

 Respect the customs of ethnic minorities and avoid disturbing the lives of local people. 
 Prepare anti-high drugs and sunscreen. 
 Be aware of the rough road.