Bohetang Tea Plantation in Mengla County, XishuangBanna

Chinese Name: 勐腊薄荷塘普洱茶
English Name: Bohetang Tea Plantation in Mengla County, XishuangBanna

Bohetang(薄荷塘) is a small village of primitive forest about 1800 meters above sea level, which is located in Yiwu(易武)tea area hidden in the mountains. The road of the mountain is difficult to climb, rugged and dangerous. It is precisely because of such a special geographical location, and the outer space,Bohetang”s(薄荷塘)tea tree is particularly large, the vegetation is very well preserved.

Yiwu Bohetang Pu’er tea area(易武薄荷塘普洱茶区)

With the rise of Pu’er(普洱)Ancient Tree Mountain Tea, the LaoBanzhang(老班章), Bingdao(冰岛), Chawangshu(茶王树), Wangong(弯弓) and other ancient tree tea be loved by who Pu’er(普洱) tea popular. Recently, “Bohetang(薄荷塘) ” was rising to fame, the price of tea from several hundred yuan per kilogram to eight thousand yuan per kilogram within two years. It has become the leader of Yiwu(易武) tea area.

In recent years, the ancient tree tea has gradually become familiar to tea friends. In Yiwu(易武), Luoshuidong(落水洞), Fengfengzhai(刮风寨), MaHeizhai(麻黑寨) are well-known villages, but Yiwu(易武) covers an area of 750 square kilometers, in addition to several villages like a drop in the ocean, most of them are primitive forests. These forests are the paradise of ancient tea trees.



Why is it called mint pond(which Chinese name Bohetang)?

This tea plantation is a deep mountain planting “grass and fruit spices” found in a tea garden, the name originated because there is a natural reserve of mint(Bohe) leaves, hence the name mint pond(Bohetang).

What’s the status of Bohetang(薄荷塘)?

At that time, there were many tea trees in the primitive miscellaneous bushes. Because tea was not valuable, many large tea trees were cut down to build shelters. Fortunately, there are still over 12 meters high 33big tea trees in the tea garden of Bohetang.

The tea area of Bohetang(薄荷塘)is not big, and the age of trees is very old, but they are uneven. Most of them are 5-8m old trees. The largest one is over 12 meters high, which is a rare ancient tea tree in Yiwu(易武)tea area.


It is very difficult to pick the fresh leaves in Bohetang(薄荷塘), and the quantity is rare. It is estimated that it will not exceed 200kg to make Shai Qing tea. Now Yao brothers are also cultivating in a large scale,which should be a lot of more in a few years.

Characteristics of ancient tree pu’er tea in Yiwu Bohetang(易武薄荷塘)

Previously thought that the Guafengzhai(刮风寨) Chawangshu(茶树王) tea and Wangong(弯弓) tea were the top of Yiwu, but only after drinking Bohetang(薄荷塘), it is known that Bohetang(薄荷塘) is more representative of Yiwu tea.

Bohetang(薄荷塘)ancient tree tea, dry tea is dark green long stem and thick rope. Its soup is lush, golden, mellow, intoxicating, delicate waterway, fresh taste, sweet and smooth, the soup is thick, strong and wild, bitter and astringent is minimal, with a trace of mint cool, is a very restrained extreme Yiwu tea. After drinking, it be overcome by one’s feelings, the fragrance remains between the lips and teeth, elegant in common, is indeed a treasure in tea.

Translated by Wang Xingyue/王星月
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