Calabash Festival of Luhu Ethnic Minority in Menglian County, Puer

Chinese Name: 孟连县拉祜族葫芦节
English Name: Calabash Festival of Luhu Ethnic Minority in Menglian County, Puer

The Calabash Festival of Lahu Ethnic Minority in Menglian County is an annual festival celebrated by the Lahu people in Menglian County, Yunnan Province, China. It is usually held in the third month of the lunar calendar, around March or April.

The festival is named after the calabash, a type of gourd that is used as a container for wine and food. During the festival, Lahu people decorate their homes and villages with calabashes and traditional Lahu patterns. They also wear traditional Lahu clothing and perform traditional dances and songs.

The main activities of the festival include singing and dancing, drinking wine, and eating traditional Lahu food. There are also various competitions such as horse racing, bull fighting, and archery.

The Calabash Festival is an important cultural event for the Lahu people, who use it to celebrate their heritage and traditions. It is also a time for the Lahu people to come together, socialize, and exchange gifts with their neighbors.

The Hulu Festival is a grand festival of the Lahu people. On the 15th October of the lunar calendar every year, the Lahu people dress in festive costumes, singing and dancing, with their own wine and glutinous rice dumplings, killing pigs and slaughtering chickens, concentrate in the villages.