Likan Waterfall in Ximeng County, Puer

Likan Waterfall

The Lickan Waterfall is the “Likan Nanduota” in Dai language, meaning the place where monkeys often appear. The waterfall is located at the northeast of the beautiful Ximeng Yi Autonomous County. It is hidden in the mountains and has beautiful scenery, which is rarely known to outsiders. The waterfall is formed by the Donglang River(东朗河) and Dongsuo River(东梭河). With the situation of the mountain rock, it falls down the ladder level, and it is magnificent and roaring all the way. There are thrilling Wa people’s rattan bridge and the medicinal value of Amomum villosum forest. The surrounding forests are dense, and the waterfalls are looming, giving people endless reverie. In Likan, you can fully feel the thrill of walking through the swaying rattan bridge under the overflowing waterfall, and you can enjoy the picturesque rural scenery. It is the modern urban people to adjust the mood, release the pressure, which is a beautiful resort to relieve boredom and fatigue.


Likan Waterfall is near the downtown, so people can go there by bike, or take taxis to have a good time.

Travel Tips

People need to take some raincoat when people visit the waterfall.
People can by some local speciaties, such as buckwheat and Wa handcrafts.
Near the Waterfall, there is another interesting place for people to explore, which is Muyiji Valley(木依吉神谷).

Likan Waterfall in Ximeng County, Puer