Dongfengyun Art Town Sceneic Area in Mile City, Honghe

Dongfengyun Scenic Area offers ample opportunities for girls and friends to capture beautiful photos together. Despite the scorching weather during our visit, we managed to explore the main attractions, albeit missing out on the nearby winery due to time constraints. However, I am determined to return in better weather conditions next time.

The vast Dongfengyun Scenic Area is truly a gem in Maitreya, Yunnan, with its picturesque red brick buildings. I particularly enjoyed staying within the scenic area, as it provided serene moments for morning and evening photography without the hustle and bustle of tourists.

Art is the focal point of the entire scenic spot, with prominent landmarks such as the Red Wine Castle and the Art Museum crafted from local red soil bricks. Among these, the Red Wine Castle stands out as a popular spot for photoshoots, drawing visitors, especially men and women seeking to capture Instagram-worthy shots. While exploring the expansive area requires some physical exertion, the pleasant climate makes the journey enjoyable, albeit under the scorching sun.

A few practical tips and suggestions:

  1. Parking: Parking spaces are available within the scenic area, although during peak seasons like the Spring Festival, temporary charges may apply. Alternatively, consider driving to the scenic spot entrance and utilizing the free sightseeing car transfer to the gate.
  2. Tickets: Adult tickets can be conveniently booked online for self-collection. Elderly, students, and children are eligible for half-price tickets upon presenting their ID cards. Sightseeing cars are available for those who find walking challenging.
  3. Overall View: While the scenery may seem exaggerated, the experience feels akin to strolling through a wetland park or lavender field, albeit with seedlings still in their early stages. Unfortunately, the high influx of visitors contributes to a slightly chaotic environment, particularly in commercial areas where sanitation standards seem lacking. Improvement in cleanliness and organization is warranted given the ticket price.

In conclusion, the Dongfengyun Art Center integrates seamlessly with the surrounding red landscape, offering a unique architectural dialogue that harmonizes with the natural setting. Meng Fanhao’s vision of blending contemporary architectural elements with the site’s original order is evident in the unconventional yet captivating design language, marking a remarkable renewal of the area.