Dali City (Xiaguan)-Xizhou Transportation

Xizhou Town(喜洲镇) belongs to Dali City of Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, located in the north of Dali City. Xizhou Ancient Town is located 18 kilometers north of Dali ancient town, Cangshan mountain in the west and Erhai Lake in the east. There are a large number of Bai folk residence, it is also the birthplace of famous Xizhou Baba. Wandering through the ancient town, looking at the old man in Bai costume, the small shops selling Baba(Baba is Yunnan dialect, meaning the food like a round flat cake and pancake), the Bai folk house and so on, are all full of strong Bai customs and amorous feelings.

How to Get to Xizhou from Dali City(Xiaguan)

Xizhou is not far from Dali Ancient Town. With a distance of about 18 kilometers, if you stay in Dali old town and have leisure time, you can walk or ride a bike to Xizhou ancient town, enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way. Surely, other vehicles are also available.

1. By Bus

You don’t have to go to bus station. You can beckon a passing midibus on the roadside of Xiaguan or Dali Old Town. It takes about 5-8 yuan. About detail information, please ask the driver.

2. By Minibus

There is minibus from Dali old town to Xizhou, costing 7 yuan. The point of departure is Cangshan Gate(苍山门), located at No.5, Yuer Road(玉洱路), Dali Ancient Town, Dali City.

3. By Taxi 

There are many taxis in Dali City. Departing from Dali Ancient Town, the taxi fare is about 50 yuan, and the journey is about 30 minutes. Obviously, taking taxi is convenient and flexible, but expensive.

4. By Chartered bus

Like taxi, chartered bus is easily available around Dali Ancient Town and scenic spots. 


1. It takes 1 hour from Xiaguan to Xizhou. You can go back and forth that day or spend the night in Xizhou and attend local evening party. Then, visit the nearby butterfly spring and other attractions on the following day.

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