Sinong Galcier of Meili Snow Mountain in Diqing

Why is Sinong Glacier So Special?

The Sinong Glacier(斯农冰川) is in behind of Sinong Village. It is a glacier in the mountains of Meili Snow Mountain. Undeveloped Sungong Glacier attracts a lot of tourists to trek.

Where is Sinong Glacier?

Sinong Glacier is located in Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It is on the Meili Snow Mountain and behind of Sinong Village.

How to Get to Sinong Glacier?

First, you should get to Feilai Temple, then hiking to the Sinong Glacier.

►By plane: Fly directly to Shangri-la city (Zhongdian), and then take a local bus to Feilai Temple in Deqin County.
►By scheduled bus: There are regular bus routes to Feilai Temple from a number of nearby destinations: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang (albeit, via Shangri-la), and Shangri-la itself.
►By charter bus: One of the easiest ways to get to Feilai Temple is to take a charter bus. A number of even easier ways to get to Feilai Temple is to hire a minibus, a car, or a cross-country jeep – they are available everywhere.

What to See at Sinong Glacier?

The splendid glacier is worth to visit.

Best Time to Visit Sinong Glacier

The best time to visit Sinong Glacier is in summer。 At that time, the weather is not so cold and tourists can spend the night in the mountain.

Accommodate at Sinong Glacier

There is no accommodation around Sinong Glacier. But there are several guesthouses and hostels with basic condition around Sinong Village.

Nearby Attractions

Feilai Temple Viewing Platform

It’s the perfect place to take a panoramic view of 13 peaks and enjoy the sunrise and sunset view, which is always the first stop for travellers to the snow mountains.

Wunongding Viewing Platform

This deck is located 15 kilometers south of Deqen County seat on the G214. There are 13 white towers and an open valley against the backdrop of the snow mountains.

Yubeng Village in Deqin County, Shangrila

Yubeng is a secluded small Tibetan village tucked away at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain in Deqin county, the northwestern corner of Yunnan Province. It is only accessible by foot or horse/mule. But the trip, however arduous, is worth it.

Useful Travel Tips

► Check with the hotel or guesthouse whether there is water for shower before checking in it for its lack of water in this area.

► Please keep in mind that in the mountains, do not yell or shout, that would offend the God of the Mountains. Tibetans there is always very quiet and respectful. Believe it or not, at least we do as the Romans do or show the courtesy.

► The trekking road is very dangerous, so bring enough equipment and be careful.