Jianshui Pottery Making Class

As one of the China’s four reputed potteries, Jianshui purple pottery has a long history of about 900 years; it is made from purple clay mixed by red, yellow, black, white and purple mud, and goes through moulding, drawing, carving, modifying, kilning and polishing; many of them are made in family-scale workshops in Jianshui County, south Yunnan province.

With pleasing luster, refined texture and melodious sound, Jianshui pottery is also made in to a variety of crafts like basins, bottles, tea sets, pen-containers and pots. In 1921, pottery masterpiece made by Mr. Xiang Fengchun was awarded on Expo. Panama. Purple-pottery steam-pot, engraved with Chinese calligraphic works, birds, flowers and plants, is a unique cooker in Yunnan and even China.