Kunming–Bangkok Expressway

Kunming–Bangkok Expressway

Kunming–Bangkok Expressway is a proposed international expressway running from Kunming, Yunnan province, People’s Republic of China, to Bangkok, Thailand via Laos The first expressway sections were opened in 2008. It was jointly funded by China, Laos, Thailand and the Asian Development Bank.

Details for Kunming–Bangkok Expressway

The expressway will be approximately 1,900 km (1,200 mi) in length when complete; about 730 km (450 mi) was completed from Kunming via Xiaomenyang to Jinghong) and crossing the Lao border at Mohan, all in Yunnan, by 2017 and the next 250 km (160 mi) of the Highway, south of China within Laos follows Route 13 then Route 3.

The Routes from Kunming to Bangkok

It traverses jungle and highlands in southern Yunnan and Northern Laos before entering Thailand at Chiang Khong. It then continues southward, largely following Thai Route 1, which becomes an Expressway standard road near Bangkok but which is largely an at grade dual carriageway along most of its length within Thailand .

Two options for Yunnan, Laos and Thailand

  1. Kunming-Yuxi-Pu’er-Xishuangbanna-Boten (Laos)- Luang Prabang- Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars)- Vang Vieng-Vientiane
  2. Kunming-Yuxi-Pu’er-Xishuangbanna-Boten (Laos)- Oudom Xai- Chiang Khong (Thailand)- Chiang Rai- Chiang Mai- Bangkok

Route for International Travelers

710 km from Kunming is the Mohan port of China where international travelers enter/exit China from/to Laos. The counterpart port of Laos is Boten where you can choose to go ahead along the Road No.13 to Laos’ UNESCO sites Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars or go ahead to Chiang Khong of Thailand via Houayxay of Laos, followed by the discovery further to Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and finally access to Bangkok. 

Special Meaning of Kunming–Bangkok Expressway

It begins in Kunming, southern China, continues through the territories of three different countries, over 1,880 km and bypasses Chiang Khong and other provinces of Thailand before finally coming to an end in the Thai capital, Bangkok. It could be said that the Kunming-Bangkok Expressway is a truly “exciting” route for the people of southeast Asia; not only does it connect with the other major highways of the subcontinent, but it also serves as a bridge of friendship between these countries and China. For most road travelers who prefer to drive from Kunming directly to Thailand, the Kunming-Bangkok highway is so familiar as it’s the main road connecting many famous destinations of Yunnan Province, Laos, and Thailand. 

Kunming-Bangkok Expressway Facilitates Flower Trade between China and Thailand

Fresh flowers packed in Kunming of Yunnan will be available for sale at a Bangkok market in less than 40 hours thanks to the Kunming-Bangkok Expressway. The warm climate in Yunnan allows flowers of various kinds to blossom during all seasons. Dounan(斗南) as China’s largest fresh flower wholesale market, exports more than 500 varieties and 40 categories of flowers to over 50 countries and regions every day, among which 20 to 30 percent are sold to South and Southeast Asian countries. Yunnan has expanded more cooperation with neighboring countries in recent years under China’s Belt and Road Initiative.