Li Maorong – Representative Inheritor of Yi Opera Project in Dayao County, Chuxiong 

With beautiful voice and superb singing skills, Li Maorong was a folk artist who was proficient in creation and performance. He was the representative inheritor of Yi Opera Project. He loved folk music, dance and musical instruments since he was a child and studied with local artists when he was ten.

Life Experience of Li Maorong

Li Maorong(李茂荣) was born in Dayao County(大姚县) of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in 1944. He was influenced by the traditional culture of the Yi Ethnic from young age and was familiar with the history and culture of the Yi Ethnic. Over the years, he has devoted himself to the exploration and research of Yi Opera and folk music of the Yi Ethnic and contributed to the cultivation of the successors of the opera.

Representative Repertoire

The sound of midnight sheep(半夜羊叫)、Manmo And Maruo(曼嫫与玛若)、Meige Tone(梅葛调)、Guoshan Tone(过山调)、Yingke Tone(迎客调).

Translate by Sean-Dai/代志云