Liyuan Village of Cibihu Town in Eryuan County, Dali

Liyuan (Pear Blossom) Village(梨园村) is surrounded by mountains in three sides and Cibi Lake. Like the paradise in the poem of Tao Yuanming. Isolated with the metropolis, it can give you the idyllic life. Thousands of old pear trees stand in the village. The village is in the shade of thousands of trees. There are 108 families in village, living on breeding cows and tourism. The peaceful and happy life here attract lots of tourists.

Chinese Name: 大理州洱源县茈碧湖镇梨园白族特色村寨
English Name: Liyuan Bai Ethnic Village of Cibihu Town in Eryuan County, Dali

Liyuan (Pear Blossom) Village

How to get to Liyuan Village?

Travelers can take the speed-train to Xiaguan, and take the shuttle bus from the Northern Bus Passenger Station to Eryuan County. Then you need to take a mini-bus to the Cibi Lake Pier. There are cruise ships and pleasure boat sending you to Liyuan Village. The average fair is 15 yuan per person.


Liyuan (Pear Blossom) Village in Eryuan County, Dali

It is said that the earliest pioneers and residents of Liyuan Village were the descendants of Ashi in Ming Dynasty. One of them called Aqianqiao response to the court’s call. He led his two sons and some ethnic groups came to the valley of the Cibi Lake, which was originally called “Dahetou”, and opened up wasteland in the virgin forest. At the same time, they planted pear trees in large quantities. He merged with the local aboriginal Bai people, and gradually became a Bai nationality. He communicated in Bai Language, wear the Bai clothing and worship the patron god of Bai. After several generations of painstaking efforts, Dahetou has become a village where people gathered. The pear trees have grown into forests, covering the entire valley. Together with agriculture and fisheries, there pear trees become the main pillars of life for the local people. Therefore, it was called as the Liyuan Village.

What to See

Liyuan (Pear Blossom) Village in Eryuan County, Dali

Liyuan Village offers diverse sights all year round. In spring, the pears are full of branches around the house. In the summer, the village is full of green eyes. To autumn, the pear trees are full of fruits. It is a typical Bai fishing village with typical features. Here the Bai people are rich in style and natural scenery is charming. There are diverse ways for you to enjoy in the idyllic village, ranging from riding a horse, lying in a hammock, dazzling, picking fruit in the forest to fishing at the lake, playing cards under the pear tree. There are many delicious things in Liyuan Village.

Useful Travel Tips

Travelers can bargin for the fare of motor and cruise ship.

There are basic facilities for tourists. There are 10 farmhouses for tourists, offering the accommodation, dinning and other services.