Longjia village in Baohua Town of Honghe County, Honghe

Longjia village in Baohua Town of Honghe County, Honghe(红河州红河县宝华乡朝阳行政村龙甲村)

The Longjia Village is located 1.7 kilometers to the southeast of the government of the Baohua Township. The original name of the village was Longxiang Village (meaning “dragon flying”). The current name Longjia means the “place where the rainbow is” in the Hani language. It was the office of the last chief of the Luokong. The village is a pure Hani nationality village and has 105 households, 435 residents and 654 mu of farmlands. Behind the village is the high Luokongjian Mount. On the foot of the village is the splendid Sama Dam terraced field. The village is completely surrounded by green forest and a clean and clear stream flows through the village. The buildings of the village are typical Hani-style buildings. The village is neat and clean and the villagers are kind. The village was appraised as a demonstration well-off village by the government of the county in 2003 and was appraised as a demonstration ecological tourism village by the publicity department and civilization office of the prefecture. Behind the village, there is a quiet, beautiful and dreamlike garden hidden in the mountain. In the garden, you could see vegetable plots, various kinds of fruits, wild vegetable and a mountain spring. If you are tired, you could sit down in this park and enjoy the delicious food here. That is a really good choice.