Lu Jiya – Inheritor of Nu Ethnic Felt Textile Craft in Gongshan County, Diqing


Lu Jiya(路济亚) is a skillful woman who was born in 1957,  a Bangda villager of Dulong Nu Autonomous County, Gongshan(迪庆贡山县棒打村民).

Personal Experiences

Her father is a Nu ethnic minority. Though her mother is Tibetan ethnic minority. Due to the influence of geographical environment, her mother know very well about the process of making felt textile craft(毡子纺织技艺). Under the influence of her mother, she began to learn the textile technology of Nu blankets in her teens. After the age of 16, she mastered all kinds of carpets. She is a local textile expert of making textile craft. 


She is the first  batch of inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage.

Chinese Version:
Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐