Feng Chuanshi – Representative Inheritor of  Dai Elephant-foot Drum Making Craft in Linxiang District, Lincang 


Feng Chuanshi (俸传诗) was born in 1941, and he is Dai ethnic minority in Qinghua Linxiang District, Lincang City(临沧市临翔区). 

Personal Experiences

Since childhood, Feng Chuanshi  had been influenced by the traditional Dai ethnic culture, and had a special fondness for elephant foot drum. Following the master Feng Chuabjin(俸传金) who passed away now learned how to repair the elephant foot drum. After his master’s  careful cultivation, he learned the whole process of making the elephant foot drum and the traditional techniques of playing the elephant foot drum. He is very skillful in the etiquette and process of making elephant foot drums, such as sacrifice, tree selection, making and shaping, drum body sculpture. He also has high attainments in Dai  ethnic minority’s wood carving, weaving and painting.He also enrolled two apprentices, one is the Feng bei and the other is the Feng Tongshu. He wanted to teach them the skills he mastered. 


His elephant foot drum is beautiful in shape and durable. It is also exported to Kunming, Shanghai and other places. Since 2000, he has produced more than 150 elephant foot drums. He has participated in the folk custom exhibition, large-scale sports activities and festival celebrations in Linxiang District(临翔区) for eight years. The Feng Chuanshi  has a high influence in the local area, and are called “Drum King” and “Drum Immortal” by villagers.

He is the inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage in making elephant foot drum field . 

Chinese Version: http://www.ynich.cn/view-ml-13111-1846.html
Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐