Manla Tea Mountain in Mengla County, XishuangBanna

Manla Administrative Village(曼腊行政村) belongs to Mengla County(勐腊县), is located in the north of Yiwu Township(易武乡), Laos(老挝) to the east, Yiwu Village Committee to the south, Xiangming Township(象明乡) to the west, and Jiangcheng County(江城) to the north. Manla is a place name of Dai language, “man” means village, “la” means tea, and “Manla” is the meaning of tea village. Manla Village, including Zhangjiawan(张家湾), Xujialiangzi(徐家梁子), Gaojiachong(高家冲), Dazhai(大寨), Zhushihe(朱石河) and other Zhaizi, is the largest tea producing area in Mansa Tea Mountain(曼洒茶山).

Chinese Name: 曼腊茶山
English Name: Manla Ancient Tea Trees of Yiwu Mountain, XishuangBanna

Zhangjiawan is 30 kilometers away from Mansa in the north, and Manla Dazhai(曼腊大寨) is 5 kilometers away from Zhangjiawan, the local people are used to call this area Manla Tea Mountain(曼腊茶山). The largest village in Manla Tea Mountain is Manla Dazhai, which is traditionally called Dazhai(大寨). There is a river called Longshu River(竜树河) beside Dazhai. On the other side of the river is another village called Xiaofang(小房), both Dazhai and Xiaofang are surrounded by tea gardens. When you come here, you can smell the fragrance of tea in the wind, see the green mountains, and everything here will make you relax.

Translated by Dianna Zhou/周晓畋