Laobanzhang Tea Plantation in Menghai County, XishuangBanna

Laobanzhang Village(老班章村) is a Hani village in the southeast of Menghai County(勐海县), north of the township government of Bulang Mountain(布朗山). Laobanzhang, also known as the Xiabanzhang(下班章), has an altitude of 1700 meters, the ancient tea gardens are distributed around the village. The ecological environment of tea gardens is very good, the gardens are symbiotic with the forest. These tea trees are large and aged, and all of them are standard large-leaf tea. The age of tea trees and the environment in which they grow determine the quality and flavor of tea.

Chinese Name: 老班章村和老班章普洱茶
English Name: Laobanzhang Village and Laobanzhang Puer Tea Plantation in Menghai County, XishuangBanna

“Laobanzhang Tea” (老班章茶)is regarded as the “King of Tea” in Puer Tea circle. The trees are old aged and grew in the mountains, so the smell of tea is very strong. After drinking this kind of tea, people’s hands, feet, head and back will get hot and sweat slightly. Laobanzhang Tea is worth buying as the top Puer Tea, and Laobanzhang Village is also a good place to travel for people who like tea.

Translated by Dianna Zhou/周晓畋