Nightlife in Shangri-La

The nightlife in Shangri-la is always colorful. When night falls, the Sifanglou square becomes a big stage. Many people get together and perform Guozhuang(锅庄舞), a Tibetan folk dance. They hold hands, form a circle and follow the main dancers. The lively atmosphere may attract you to join their party. You can also visit Tibetans’ houses. In their house, you can enjoy folk dance performances and taste roast mutton and yak beef. Besides, if you stay in Dukezong ancient town, you should take a walk in the evening. 

Bars and Cafes in Shangri-la

In Shangri-la, there are few night market, but many bars and coffee shops. There are many bars in a street named Pijiangpo(皮匠坡), which is the most prosperous place in the Dukezong ancient town. You can take a look if you have spare time in the evening. 

Recommended Bars 

There are many bars in Shangri-la, although the development level is not as good as Lijiang, but they are still very romantic. Bars are mostly concentrated in the Guishan park, Moonlight square area and Pijiangpo.

  • Crow Bar(乌鸦酒吧)
    Add: No.11, Chi Gu Lang, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市池古廊11号
    Tel: 18288848818
  • Guoshanyao Bar(过山瑶酒吧)
    Add: No.18, Donglang Road, Jinlong Street, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆香格里拉市金龙街东廊路18号
    Tel: 18308879375
  • Mokkos Shangrila
    Add: No.9, Xiarongrui, Pijiangpo, Dukezong Ancient Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市独克宗古镇皮匠坡霞茸瑞9号
    Tel: 13769000803
  • Yangcuo Bar(央措酒吧)
    Add: No.16, Chi Gu Lang, Cangfang Street, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市仓房街池古廊16号
    Tel: 0887-8297019
  • Back to the Time(原点)
    Add: No.3, Longtan North Road, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市龙潭北路3号
    Tel: 13988771916
  • Makongduo Bar(马孔多酒吧)
    Address: No.25, Donglang Road, Jinlong Street, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市金龙街东廊25号
    Tel: 18908870921

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Recommended Cafes

There are many cafes in the Dukezong ancient town of Shangri-la with good environment.

  • Crow Bar & Cafe(乌鸦酒吧咖啡厅)
    Add: No.1, Tancheng South Road, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市坛城南路1号
    Tel: 0887-8811663/13988783499
  • Flying Tiger Cafe(飞虎咖啡)
    Add: Pijiangpo, No.91, Jinlong Street, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇金龙街91号皮匠破
    Tel: 15288371215
  • Xiaocai Cafe(小菜咖啡)
    Add: No.19, Cangfang Street, Jinatang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇仓房街19号
    Tel: 13881183563/13988788737
  • Nuoya Cafe(挪亚咖啡)
    Add: Changzheng Road, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市长征路
    Tel: 0887-8288066
  • Ershe Cafe(香格里拉贰舍咖啡)
    Add: No.9, Na Ju Lang, Dukezong Ancient Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市独克宗古城纳举廊9号
    Tel: 13388879322
  • Jazz Island Cafe(爵士岛咖啡)
    Add: No.20, Longtan North Road, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇龙潭北路20号
    Tel: 0887-8268266
  • Namka Cafe(拿姆卡咖啡)
    Add: No.14, Donglang Road, Jinlong Street, Dukezong Ancient Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市独克宗古城金龙街东廊14号
    Tel: 13987140930

Performance in Shangri-la

Since there are a large number of Tibetan people in Shangri-la, every time when festivals and activities, you can appreciate some Tibetan folk dances like Guzhuang dance, Xianzi dance and Reba dance, performed by local people. In addition, there are also large-scale ethnic song and dance performance like Meet Shangri-la. Once famous Dreamy Shangri-la was replaced by today’s Meet Shangri-la. You can feel the charm of Tibetan culture through watching the performance. 

Meet Shangri-la(遇见.香格里拉)

“Meet Shangri-la” won the guinness world record as the world’s highest indoor musical drama, which is a must experience for Shangri-la tour. Meeting Shangri-la, a large-scale Tibetan song and dance show, is another stage masterpiece created and directed by Yang Liping, a famous dance artist, after the Dynamic Yunnan. The whole performance leads us to pass through the secret Tibetan territory with a grand narrative style and starts a heart-shaking pilgrimage tour. It is divided into five parts.

  • Drum: Tibetan “drum” musical instruments like tower drum, Dharma drum and Reba drum are integrated to present the vocal music symphony of numerous drums sounding loudly.
  • Tibetan Costume: Show grand and auspicious outfits festival scene of the Tibetan people.
  • Caravan: Bring back the old prosperity of the tea-horse ancient road. Tap dance and six strings music will be integrated into the lively scene of caravan carnival, and a graceful and moving love story will also take place on the tea-horse ancient road.
  • Highland Barley: Nearly 4 tons of highland barley are used on the stage to reproduce the happy scene of Tibetans’ harvest season.
  • Meet Meili Snow Mountain: Shows the pilgrimage road of Tibetan people. Believers worship devotedly, the pilgrimage road is their lifelong practice and a cultural journey to cleanse our souls.

The whole performance uses more than 10 giant prayer wheels, tens of thousands of yak butter lamps, flying colorful prayer flags and other stage props, in combination with high-tech stage visual effect and authentic Tibetan music, to show the world the beauty of Shangri-la, and its endless humanistic charm.

Visiting a Tibetan Family

Tibetan people in Shangri-la have their own unique lifestyle, religious belief and culture characteristic. Came to Shangri-la, you can visit a Tibetan family, where you can chat and drink with the local tibetans. tasting the buttered tea, drinking highland barley wine and watching a Tibetan song and dance performance will be a pretty good experience as well.