Shangri-La Transportation– By Trains

So far, there is no train to Shangri-la. But the Lixiang(Lijiang- Shangri-la) railway is under construction and is expected to be operational by 2020. After the completion of Lixiang railway, it is expected to arrive from Kunming to Shangri-la within 4-6 hours. 

Lixiang(Lijiang- Shangri-la) Railway

Lijiang-Shangarila railway(Lixiang丽香 for short) is 161 kilometers in length, starting from Lijiang Railway Station in the south and reaching Shangari-la in the north passing through Tiger Leaping Gorge and Xiaozhongdian Town. Lixiang railway is the Yunnan section of Yunnan-Tibet Railway(the second railway entering Tibet), also a section of Dage(Dali-Golmud) Railway. After the completion of Lixiang railway, it will be connected with the existing railway from Kunming to Lijiang, linking Yunnan tourist resorts Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-la, and driving the economic and social development of tourism along the route. At the same time, Shangri-la will also be realted with the whole country and even southeast Asia, South Asia and other places.

Main Railway Stations in Shangri-la

After the completion of Lixiang railway, Shangri-la railway station and Hutiaoxia(Tiger Leaping Gorge) railway station will be two important railway stations in Shangri-la. Shangri-la railway station is located in Jiantang town, and tiger leaping gorge railway station is located in Hutiaoxia town, next to tiger leaping gorge scenic area. The two stations will be put into operation together with Lixiang railway in 2020.