Tengchong Things to Do and Attractions

Tengchong attractions offer you a different sight of Yunnan volcano scenery and hot spring recreations, as well as rich Tengchong culture. Must-see Tengchong attractions include Heshun Ancient Town, The Cluster of Volcanoes, Rehai Hot Spring, Beihai Wetland, etc. Besides, various traditional villages in Tengchong, which  are good places to explore the ethnic culture of Yunnan. 

Top Attractions in Tengchong

Visitors to Tengchong shouldn’t miss the most popular and featured attractions such as The Cluster of Volcanoes,and Rehai Hot SpringHeshun Ancient TownTengchong Confucian Temple and The Museum of Yunnan-Burmese Anti-Japanese War  are the best sites to know about the culture and history of Tengchong while Jiangdong Ginkgo Village is the highlight of the Autumn in Tengchong. 

Temples in Tengchong

Tengchong Confucian Temple is the only well-preserved academic architecture in Baoshan area, and is the only ancient architectural complex left over from the anti-Japanese war in Tengchong City in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has extremely important historical value for studying the spreading of Central Plain Culture in the southwest border of China.

Mountains in Tencghong

Besides the volcanic moutain, Yunfeng Mountain is also the top attraction of Tengchong. It is a holy mountain for the Taoists and enjoys great popularity in the western part of Yunnan and the north of Burma. It offers the fantastic landscape for you. 

Museums in Tengchong

Museums in Tengchong will let you know more about the history and culture of Tengchong. You can choose the following themed museums as contributors to your understanding of Tengchong. 

Ancestral Halls in Tengchong

Heshun is a small town, however there are many ancestral halls, with the ancestral halls of Li family, Liu family and Cun family as the major ones. Visit the major ancestral halls and know about the big families in Heshun Ancient Town.

Cultural, Historical & Monumental Sites in Tengchong

Among the following sites, Heshun Library, Former Residence of Li Genyuan and Site of Western Yunnan Military Government are the mostly visited ones.

Ancient Towns in Tengchong

Needless to say, Heshun Ancient Town is the most famous one among the following old towns, and it has become one of the namecard of Tengchong toursim.

Traditional Villages in Tengchong

Traditional villages are good places to discover the local life and ethnic culture. Ginkgo Village is the most favored one with its impressive autumn scenery.

More about Traditional Villages in Tengchong

Parks & Gardens in Tengchong

Beihai Wetland Reserve is worth visiting as it  is not only a garden of national protected plants like Brasenia schreberi and wildwater chestnuts, but it is also a paradise for water birds. Laifeng Mountain National Forest Park  is also a place for bird-watching. Due to its unique natural and cultural landscape, it is called a “green pearl” embedded in the first city of the extreme side. It also offers the rich spicies, more than 300 species of wild birds and 50 species of mammals.

Rivers and Ponds in Tengchong

Black Fish River is located in Tengchong, adjacent toZhuzhuang Jieli Scenic Area(columnar jointing). The Black Fish River is formed by blocking the groundwater pulse to expose the surface under the action of lava flow.

Other Attractions in Tengchong