Tonghai Confucius Temple in Tonghai County, Yuxi

Why is Tonghai Confucius Temple So Special?

Tonghai Confucius Temple(通海文庙) is situated on the south of Tonghai County, at the foot of Xiushan Mountain. The temple consists of a group of ancient architectures which are divided by a central axis. It is composed of red walls(65 meters in length, 1.9 meters in depth and 8 meters in height), pools, Wenming Archway(文明坊), Martyr Temple(忠烈祠), Chaste and Filial Temple(节孝祠), Dacheng Gate(大成门), Xiangxian Tmple(the temple of local respectable and dead persons), Famous Officials Temple(名宦祠), East Room(东庑), West Room(西庑), Dacheng Hall(大城殿), Bell and Drum Tower, Saint Temple(崇圣祠), and Book-collection Hall(尊经阁), with a total area of 12,000 square meters. It was selected as the fifth batch of provincial cultural relics protection unit in 1998.

Tonghai Confucius Temple in Tonghai County, Yuxi

The whole temple presents a solemn atmosphere. In Qing Dynasty, several famous personalities studied here, such as Zhu Zun(朱嶟), the director of Board of Rites; Dong Qi(董玘) and Dong Jian(董健), scholars of the Imperial Academy; And Kan Zhenzhao(阚祯兆), the famous calligraphy artist.

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How to Get There

Tourists have two ways to get to Tonghai Confucius Temple in Tonghai County, long-distance bus and train.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are non-stop long-distance buses from Kunming east bus station to Tonghai bus terminal. It takes about 2.5 hours, 42 yuan. After arriving in Tonghai County, you can take a taxi or walk to Tonghai Confucius Temple. It is about 2 kilometers from Tonghai bus terminal to Tonghai Confucius Temple.

2. By Train

It takes about 2 hours from Kunming railway station to Tonghai railway station, costs 22 yuan.

Accommodation Around Tonghai Confucius Temple

Since Tonghai Confucius Temple is in Wenxing Road of Tonghai County, you can stay in Tonghai County for accommodation. There are some hotels in Tonghai County. Accommodation is convenient.

Useful Travel Tips

1. The traffic route: Kunming-Tonghai County-Liyue West Road(礼乐西路)-West Street-Gucheng West Road(古城西路)-Shuncheng Street(顺城街)-Wenxing Street(文星街)-Tonghai Confucius Temple.

2. Learn something about Confucius in advance.

3. You can participate in some cultural activities during festivals.

4. Tonghai Confucius Temple visit is mainly indoor activities, therefore, travel is possible all the year round.