Simao District

Simao District Overview

Chinese Name: 思茅区 English IPA: Si Mao Qu Location: south of Yunnan Population (city): 306,400 Language: Southwest Mandarin, Yunnan Dialect Zip code: 665000 Tel code: 0879 Time zone: UTC+8

Simao District (Chinese: 思茅区; pinyin: Sīmáo Qū; formerly known as Cuiyun District) is a district under the jurisdiction of Pu’er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. It is the seat of Pu’er Prefecture. Formerly both Simao and the surrounding region of Pu’er prefecture played a major role in the historic tea horse trade between Yunnan, Tibet and India, with Simao acting as the southern terminus or starting point for the transport of tea by mule caravan north to Dali, Lijiang and Lhasa. Tea remains a central crop and product of the region. In 2007, the city of Simao (思茅市) changed its name to Puer city (普洱市). By doing so, it has had an effect the size of the official Pu’er (普洱) tea production area.

Highlights of Simao District

  • The Origin of the Ancient Tea Horse Road: Simao District is the starting point of the historical Ancient Tea Horse Road – the Southern Silk Road. It is one of the three major customs towns in Yunnan. It was once known as the “Southeast Asian Land Terminal” and “Silver Simao”.
  • Historical Celebrities: The historical figures include Lv Zhiyi, as a member of Chinese Revolutionary League, Chen Qizhou, known as a honest and upright official.
  • Historical Sites: The main relics in Simao District include Shiping Hall, Simao Confucian Temple, Simao Old Customs, Ancient Tea Horse Road, etc.
  • Classic Must-See Attractions: there are many famous attractions in Simao District, such as Xiniuping Scenic Area of Pu’er National Park, Xiniuping Scenic Area of Pu’er National Park, Daoshenggen Tree Park, Cuiyun Xianrendong Cave, Ximahe Wetland Park.

Other Destinations in Simao District

    Simao District Attractions

    The attractions listed below cover the top tourist spots in Simao District: such as  Yunxian Town, Longtan Yi and Dai Ethnic Town, the View Point, Yunxian Town Scenic Area, Daoshenggen Banyan Tree Park, Longlong Village, Xiniuping Scenic Area of Puer National Park, Xiniuping Scenic Area of Puer National Park, Daoshenggen Tree Park, Cuiyun Xianrendong Cave, Ximahe Wetland Park. You can check the attractions first as to plan your trip better. [...]

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    Simao District Tours

    When you traveling Pu’er, Simao District is a good place to be put on your list. It can be joined in whatever your Pu’er tour or Yunnan Tour. Come to Simao Yunnan, take XishuangBanna and Pu’er Family Tour with Tropical Forest and Ethnic Culture Discovery, Yunnan Ancient Tea-Horse Road Tour with Pu’er and XishuangBanna Tea Culture Exploration. If you prefer, contact our consultant and we can adjust the itinerary of our prearranged routes or we can just tailor-make your own kind of Simao [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate in Simao District Simao District is a subtropical monsoon climate zone with low latitude plateau. The three-dimensional climate is obvious. There are four different climate types in the north tropical, south subtropical, mid-subtropical and northern subtropical zones. It has the characteristics of low latitude, high temperature, rainy, humid and calm wind. The annual average temperature is 17.8 °C, the average annual rainfall is 1524.4 mm, and the frost-free period is 318 days. The winter is cold and the summer is [...]

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    How to Get to Simao District By Air There is an airport in Simao District, namely, Simao Airport. Direct flights to Simao District from Kunming, Beijing, Chongqing, Changsha, Dali, Chengdu, Lincang, Guiyang, etc. are available. By train Pu'er Railway Station is the middle station of the Yumo Railway under construction and an important station for the Laos section of the Trans-Asian Railway. It is expected to be put into use by 2020. By Long-distance Bus Simao District Long-distance Bus Station Timetable is as follows. (for reference only) Departure City Departure [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    There are many ethnic groups in Simao District. In addition to the Han nationality, there are thirteen living minorities. Among the ethnic minorities, there are five ethnic groups including Hani, Yi, Lahu, Wa and Dai with a population of more than 100,000. Of course, festivals in Simao are diverse. 1. Worship Festival for Mother (祭母节) The Mother's Day is a traditional Hani festival. The time is usually the first bull day in the second month of the lunar calendar. 2. Yi Torch Festival [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1.Useful Numbers of Simao District Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Weather Forecast: 121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 Tourist Complaint: 0879-2135724 2. Post Offices in Simao District China Post Office (中国邮政) Address: No.30 Zhenxing Avenue, Simao District (思茅区振兴大道30) Tel: 0879-2122995 3. Banks in Simao District You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in some branches of Bank of China in this city. 1) China Construction Bank(中国建设银行) Address: N0.67 of Chacheng Avenue(茶城大道67号) 2) Agricultural Bank of China(中国农业银行) Address: No.34 of [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, Maps of Simao District in Pu’er provide you some useful maps like Region Map of Simao District in Pu’er, Attraction Map of Simao District in Pu’er, Transportation Map of Simao District in Pu’er, Location Map of Simao District in Pu’er, etc. [...]

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    Simao District Accommodation

    Where to Stay in Simao District Simao District is a district under the jurisdiction of Pu'er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. It is the seat of Pu'er Prefecture. There are many hotels around Simao District. Yunnan Exploration will provide the best hotels for you. The recommended hotels as follows: English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone Pu'er Simao Shiping Hall - Tea Horse Post House 普洱思茅石屏会馆-茶马驿栈 No. 34 Shuncheng Street, Near Xima River Park, Simao District 0879-8256999 Pu'er Simao Early Winter Warm Sun Holiday Apartment 普洱思茅初冬暖阳度假公寓 No. 18 Ning’er Avenue, Simao District 021-80187829-168610 Pu'er Little Panda Manor 普洱小熊猫庄园 37 [...]

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