Yummy Yunnan: 10 kinds of rice noodles you should try

Rice noodle is the ubiquitous snack in the province of Yunnan. Whether in the province or many other parts of China, you can easily find a restaurant that specialises in rice noodles. There are at least 10 different ways rice noodle is prepared in the province and you can try when visiting one of the relevant destinations.


Rice noodle with tofu puddings, Kunming City
It is a very special and traditional delicacy visitors can enjoy in Kunming. After scalded in the boiling water, the rice noodle is added with fresh, white tofu puddings and other ingredients like sweet sauce, spring onions or leeks, etc. If you do like local food in Kunming, it is really something to try.


Small-pot rice noodle, Kunming City
It is one of the major styles rice noodle is prepared in Kunming and is served in a small copper pot. When the broth is boiling, fresh pork, leeks, pickles, soy sauce and other ingredients are put in. The last and yet most typical step is adding the appetising Yunnan pickled leek flowers.


Rice noodle with stewed pork feet, Yuxi City
The recipe was innovated by a local famous chef Ren Yawei. Many chain eateries have been opened to specialise this kind of yummy rice noodle in most parts of Yuxi.


Salad rice noodle with pea jelly, Yuxi City
It also enjoys a big popularity in Yuxi. A bowl of rice noodle is at first added with leeks and pieces of 1-cm-thick cuboid pea-jelly, What is the inseparable ingredient is the locally brewed pear vinegar, and for most local eaters, the chili source is a must. The rice noodle is very nice both for its taste and appearance.


Copper-pot rice noodle, Jiangchuan County
Copper or brass pots are the most popular utensils for cooking in Jiangchuan County of Yuxi City. Don’t fuss over the rice noodle served in a quaint copper pot when in Jiangchuan.


Rice noodle with chrysanthemums, Mengzi City
In Mengzi, the cross-bridge rice noodle is the most popular snack the most important part of which is the nutritious soup for which many local restaurants have different recipes. For example, the restaurant San Gen Cong uses pork bone, hen, duck, goose and Xuanwei ham to make the soup which is kept warm by a thin layer of oil. The most typical way for preparing the noodle is adding the petals of edible chrysanthemum offering a refreshing taste. 


Rice noodle with marinade chicken, Mi’le City
This is an authentic local flavour delicacy for which many chain restaurants are opened in Luxi and Kunming. The best restaurant offering the rice noodle is Yong Quan Beef Restaurant in Zhuyuan town of Mi’le city. The aromatic, tender chicken plus the genuine yummy beef slices, what a meal!


Kandao rice noodle, Luxi County
“kan dao” in Chinese means “rip off”. 20 years ago, a bowl of this kind of rice noodle was said to be priced at 20 yuan which was a lot at that time. But, the Kandao rice noodle is the top grade of its kind for its assorted, sufficient ingredients including premium ham, fried pork, sour pickles, leeks, and chili sauce etc.


Rice noodle with mushrooms, Chuxiong Prefecture
This kind of rice noodle is an innovation based on the local edible mushroom resources Chuxiong abounds in. The expensive Jizong mushroom (collybia albuminosa) cooked with the rice noodle is absolutely a lavish deal.


Sour soup rice noodle, Guangnan County
The sour soup is called “ba hang” in the ethnic language of the Zhuang people. It is a genuine Zhuang flavour delicacy in Guangnan county of Wenshan prefecture. Because of the hot weather in the river valleys where the local Zhuangs live, the Zhuangs use celery, red cabbage and rice water to make the sour soup by a natural way of fermentation; the result is that the soup appears pink and tastes sour with a slightly sweet aftertaste. The rice noodle is an ideal appetising snack which helps relieve heat in summer.