Zili Old Town in Yongsheng County, Lijiang

About Zili Old Town

Zili Old Town(梓里古镇) which is 1850 meters above sea level is located besides Jinsha River in Yongsheng County, Lijiang City. It is an important market of multi-ethnic integration. Here, visitors can see the attractive scenery along the river, the beautiful wooden staircase on the ancient path near Xiumei Village(秀美村), the greenwood and the dangerous rock of “monkey slope”(猴子坡), as well as well as the strange banyan tree in Lagudong Cave, Banqiao Village(板桥村). There is a spring gushing out from the roots of the banyan tree.

What to see in Zili Old Town

Along the way, tourists can not only view river valley sceneries such as the banana plantations and the olive groves, but also experience the primitive and strong ethnic customs because there are Naxi, Bai, Yi, Lisu, Miao and Han nationalities living together in Yongan Village(永安村), Xiumei Village(秀美村), Banqiao Village(板桥村) and Jiahe Village(嘉禾村). Travelers can especially take part in the golden bonfire dancing party in Jiahe Village at night. In addition, hiking through the forest along the river, you can experience the adventure fun of the forest.

The ancient town of Bali is near the Jin’an Bridge in Yongsheng County, Lijiang. It is an ancient town on the Jinsha River. It is a multi-ethnic market. It is a multi-ethnic market. You can see the scenery along the river in the ancient town of Qili. There is a wooden staircase next to the beautiful village. “The ancient plank road, as well as the “Monkey Slope” dangerous rock green forest, as well as the “Lagudong” strange banyan tree on the edge of Banqiao Village. The roots of the “Lagudong” banyan tree gushing out a spring, quite beautiful. This line can be seen along the river valley, olive forest and other river valley scenery; simple and rich ethnic customs, Yongan, Xiume, Banqiao, Jiahe, etc. all the way to the village are Naxi, Bai, Yi, Yi, Miao and Han mixed, especially Jiahe Village night bonfire dance, the folk style is thick; the other is the forest along the river, you can experience the fun of adventure, Jiahe Village to Taiji all the way to the river valley is beautiful. Every month, the town is located in the market. The locals exchange leather shoes, saddles, leather garments, twine, ironware, bamboo, and some silk silk, cloud legs, white medicine, kohlrabi, steam pot chicken, and bridge. Rice noodles, etc.

What to eat in Zili Old Town

During the market time, local people in Zili Town will trade leather shoes, saddle, leather clothing, twine, iron, bamboo articles, and some other things like silk, Yunnan ham, Yunnan Baiyao(云南白药), turnips(大头菜), steam pot chicken(汽锅鸡), Yunnan Cross-bridge Rice Noodles(过桥米线), etc.

Other Attractions 

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountains (玉龙雪山) are a small group of peaks close to the city of Lijiang. The nearest slope is only about 30 kilometers north of the Dayan Ancient City District, and the mountain can be clearly seen from the Black Dragon Pool next to the ancient district.

Lijiang Ancient Town

The beauty of the Old City is also due to the integrity of geographical nature and harmony. In 30 km northwest to the Old City lies the unconquerable Yulong Snow Mountain of 5,596 m and the relics of glacier in the Quaternary Period. The spring is divided into three branches to flow into the Old City relatively from east, middle and west.

Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool (also Heilongtan), or Jade Spring(Yuquan) Park is the main headwater of the Yushui River which goes through the Old Town. People believe that the gods of the Naxi people are living in the chestnut woods, beside the mouth of springs, behind the carved doors and below the bridges. The springs come from the god-protected mountains and gather in this place and finally form the dragon pool. Then water goes down a waterfall and becomes the Yuhe River, pouring life to the Old Town.

Dongba Culture Museum,Lijiang

The Dongba culture is a most inclusive term referring mainly to the language and scriptures. The Dongba language is actually composed of 1,400 picture-like characters and symbols that are still used by Dongbas, researchers and artists of the culture. It is by now the only living hieroglyph in the world and is regarded as a precious cultural relic of mankind. On August 30, 2003, the Dongba classical literature was accepted as a written world heritage by UNESCO

How to get Zili Old Town

  1. Take the bus to Yongsheng County at Lijiang Passenger Terminal, get off at Jinanqiao Bridge(金安桥)and walk to Zili Village.

Attraction Travel Tips

The best time to visit: Due to the low temperature in autumn and winter, it is difficult to browse the beautiful scenery of the ancient town in the river. The best tourist season in the ancient town of Bali is from April to October.