Zuobai Festival of Deang Ethnic Minority

Chinese Name: 德昂族做摆/赶摆
English Name: Zuobai Festival of Deang Ethnic Minority
Zuobai Festival(做摆) is Deang ethnic minority’s religious festival in Dehong and Xishuangbanna(西双版纳). The date of the festival is not fixed, generally once a year. Zuobai Festival consumes a lot, so it is held once every three or four years when the economic declines. Deang people believe that Zuobai Festival can bring a bumper grain harvest, thriving domestic animals and a peaceful village. Before the festival, sponsors needs to prepare large quantities of rice, meat, oil, papers, candles, joss-sticks and several Buddha statues. From days before the festival to the end, numerous people who are from near and far villages will join it. Sponsors provide warm reception, accommodation and food. On the first day of the festival, people go to the Buddhist temple to greet the Buddha with gongs and drums. People hold a carnival gala as the statue arrives. The next morning a rite of worshipping Buddha is held to listen to the sermon. After the breakfast to the afternoon, people parade around the Buddhist temple with gongs and drums, scattering popcorn and setting off firecrackers. After the dinner, people still rejoice with wild excitement, but it’s not as lively as last night. On the third day, guests are leaving one after another. Villagers dedicate all tributes and the statue of Buddha to the temple. At last, people set up a high perch with a banner to end the festival with a feast.