Bar Street (Jiubajie) in Lijiang Old Town

About Bar Street in Lijiang Old Town

The Bar Street links to Square Market in one direction and leads to the Giant Water Wheels in another direction. At night, it becomes the most bustling place in the Old Town. A large number of bars decorated in different styles are famous highlight of Lijiang Old Town. In the daytime, the flowing water, shoal of fish, willow trees, ancient street and leisurely passerby form a tranquil and peaceful scene. When the evening closes in, many travelers from around the world get together here, communicating their romantic experience or just involving themselves in the fascinating night scenery. The blurred lights, red lantern, boiling music and crowded people may make your blood boil. Different from the reinforced buildings in the cities, most of the bars in Lijiang Old Town are two-storied wooden constructions, which add more charm.
The bars here are not only a place to drink but also a place to enjoy tea, coffee and delicacy. If you are circumspective, you may find that some details in the street are decorated with yellow corn, red pepper, worn-out bamboo hat and so on, which seem to be simple and unadorned. Drinking beers, you can revel, or enjoy the croon from wandering singers, or talk to others.

Popular Bars

• Le Petit Paris(小巴黎)

It is one of the most popular bars for visitors. The romantic love story of its host from France and his Chinese wife has been going round for a long time. Another attraction here is the antiphonal singing by the local Naxi maidens at night. Of course, the audiences also can participate in the singing no matter where you are from.
Location: No.111, Cuiwen Duan, Xinhua Jie, the Old Town, Lijiang
Phone Number: 13013478780

• Sakura(樱花屋)

It was opened by a Chinese and his Korean wife in 1996. At present, not only a bar but also a western food restaurant has been built here. The prices are not very expensive and the food served is delicious here.
Location: No.123, Cuiwen Duan Xinhua Jie the Old Town, Lijiang
Phone Number: 0888-5187619

• Neighbour of the Sun(一米阳光)

It is in Naxi-style and became so famous after a cognominal TV series made here. It is also related with a beautiful love story of Naxi people.
Location: No.6, Shuangshi Section, Xinhua Jie, the Old Town


You can take bus No.2/13 to Parking Lot Station of Old Town, or take bus No.7 to Department Store Station then walk into the old town from the north gate. And you can take bus No.2/3/12 to South Gate Street Station and walk into the old town from the south gate.

Recommended Visiting Route

Travelers can visit Lijiang Old Town through the South Gate, on the way, you’ll pay visit to Mu’s Residence, Lion Hill and Wangu Tower and wander through the old streets and lanes to enjoy leisure feel of the old town. This may take you half day to explore.

Spend another 2 hours to the north of Lijiang Old Town by visiting Black Dragon Pool Park and Dongba Culture Museum. If time permits, you can enter Lijiang Old Town through Black Dragon Pool Park and see the symbol of the town – Large Water Wheels and walk straight to Sifang Square to enjoy the evening performance held by the Naxi people.

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2 Days Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Baoshan Stone Town Tour

Attraction Travel Tips

• Be extra careful with your valuables because of the good and evil people mix up here.

•If you just arrived at Lijiang, don’t drink much in case of altitude sickness.