Bingshan Dazhai Village of Xibanshan Mountain in Mengku Town, Lincang

Plan your Lincang Ethnic Villages Tour to Lincang? Visit Bingshan Dazhai Village of Xibanshan Mountain in Shuangjiang County, Lincang which is one of the most fascinating ethnic villages in Lincang. Explore the local folk ethnic culture including History, Food and Dining, Clothing, Customs and Traditions, Architecture, Festivals, Crafts, Religion, Language of local ethnic people in Bingshan Dazhai Village of Xibanshan Mountain in Shuangjiang County, Lincang.

Chinese Name: 勐库西半山:丙山大寨
English Name: Bingshan Dazhai Village of Xibanshan Mountain in Mengku Town, Lincang

Bingshan tea area(丙山茶区)
Before 1960, Bingshan was called Bangbing, which was a combination of Bang Yan and Bingshan. Because of the same name as Bangbing Township along the Xiaoheijiang River, it was changed to Bingshan. Bingshan is an administrative village, under the jurisdiction of the village committee, there are several mountain villages, such as Bangma village(邦骂大寨), Bingshan Shangzhai(丙山上寨) Village, Bingshan Xiazhai(丙山下寨) Villageand Gunshangshan(滚上山) Village and so on.

Bangma Dazhai Village(邦骂大寨) is a natural village of Bingshan Village Committee(丙山村委会). More than 130 families are mostly Han people. Bangma Dazhai is very close to Gongnong Dazhai(公弄大寨), only 4 kilometers away. Before 1950, Bangma was under the jurisdiction of Gongnong District Public Office(公弄区公所). Behind the village is a hill. When you cross the hill, you can see XiaoHusai(小户赛), Tofu Village(豆腐寨) and Sanjiacun Village(三家村) on the opposite hill. On the slopes of half the hill, there are all tea gardens. This is the famous DapiepoTea Garden. Dapiepo Tea Garden(大撇坡茶园) is the largest preserved ancient tea garden in Bangma(邦骂), with at least 300 acres. According to the memory of the old people in the village, it was planted between 1880 and 1945.

Binshan Dazhai Village(丙山大寨)
Binshan village(丙山大寨) is now the seat of Binshan Village Committee(丙山村委会). Binshan Dazhai is divided into Shangzhai(上寨) and Xiazhai(下寨). Shangzhai is a Han Nationality Village with 50 families. Xiazhai is mainly a Wa nationality. There are more than 70 families. Binshan village is a big tea village. It is surrounded by five kilometers of tea fields. Old tea fields and new tea fields can not be separated. In the 1950s, there was a large area of tea plantations in Bingshan. From 1950 to 1956, there were no new tea plantations. All the existing tea plantations were old ones.

Gunshangshan Village(滚上山)
Gunshangshan Village(滚上山) is across the river from Bingshan village. Gunshangshan sounds funny. People in Bingshan village say that the origin of this name is related to a couple of young men and women who are in love. I wonder that year, a girl in Bingshan village did not listen to her parents’ advice. She decided to stay with her lover and her parents threw out a sentence in a rage: “Rolling up the hill.” Go! ” From then on, the young couple lived here. Gunshangshan is a mainly Han village with 86 households. It is between Bangai(邦改) and Bingshan(丙山). There are ancient tea gardens in Bangai(邦改) and Bingshan, as well as Gunshangshan. From 1958 to 1980, a large number of new tea gardens were planted along with Bingshan and Banggai. Tea seeds were introduced from Bingdao Village, Gongnong and Banggai, all of which were authentic large-leaved species. Mengku people also understand that good raw materials can not be all flowed away, now the new tea garden in Gunshangshan, the old tea garden are handed over to the acquisition point which was set by some tea factories.