Travel to the Southwest China Border-Ruili City

There is a beautiful place – Ruili

On the western border of Yunnan and the Myanmar border, there is a very attractive place named – Ruili. Ruili, called Meng Mao in ancient times, which means Fog City in Dai languange. It was benamed Ruili in 1932, meaning ” auspicious and charming “. Ruili has some laudatory names, such as “Oriental Jewellery City” “Pearl of the Port” “The land of Peacocks” “Green Treasure Place” and some others. Ruili is the birthplaces of China Dai culture and the main inhabited areas of Jinpo ethnic group, known as ” The Cradle of Chinese Dai ethnic group and Jingpo ethnic group”. Ruili has picturesque scenery and centenarians account for 1.1/10000 of the population proportion, which is the most suitable habitation for human and one of the first outstanding tourist city in China. A famous Chinese song named “There is a beautiful place” is created with the background of Ruili. Ruili has a beautiful national scenic area – Ruili River, and the beautiful morija tropical rainforest, rare animal and plant park, the beautiful and charming pastoral scenery, and the mysterious and colorful exotic scenery are also located here. You can also enjoy yourself in the exciting jewelry shop. Ancient banyan, Sunlight of the golden pagoda, the fresh green of rubber forest and bamboos and the indescribable charming make Ruili as a beautiful and clear fairyland. The unique Dai and Jingpo ethnic culture, rich Burma exotic cultures and beautiful pastoral scenery attract the vast number of tourists from home and abroad.

The road network in Yunnan is very special. Three years ago, the longitudinal traffic conditions that from Kunming to all the prefecture level cities were good, and the highways across the prefecture level cities were ragged. Maybe the situation is better now. The distance between Xishuangbanna to Tengchong is about 700 kilometers, and it bumped for two days on the road. The distance from Tengchong to Ruili is more about 250 kilometers, passing through Yingjiang on the way, but the road situation is very good and the scenery is charming along the way. The melody of the song ” There is a beautiful place” seemed to keep reverberating around the ear. In the square of the edge of the county town of Yingjiang, the Dais’ pagoda is brilliant under the blue sky. There are many of these towers in Xishuangbanna and Ruili, which seem to have the same look, but you will find their own characteristics if a careful notice is given. The tower shape and tower spire between them are different.

Ruili has a strange and interesting landscape: “One villag between the Two Countries”. The China -Myanmar border town is called Silver Well village, located in the China Burma border marker 71, which divides the villag into two parts. China side is called silver wells and Myanmar side is called Mangxiu,

The village people have language communication and the similar customs. They have the same lifestyle and live in peace and harmony with each other. The local people describe their village life as “We are like a family.” Chinese vine climbs over the fence to Myanmar hedge and Myanmar hens lays in Chinese peolple’s house is not surprising either.