Enjoying Different Landscape of Lugu Lake

People sometimes imagine to step into a mysterious land full of beautiful legend and experience the culture difference. People sometimes want to escape from the hustle and bustle city life to indulge in the tranquil and harmonious area. After exploring Lugu Lake, I was shocked by its fantastic landscape and the trip to Lugu Lake really released my soul from city life.

Located in the North West Yunnan plateau in the center of Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, Lugu Lake is regarded as the mother lake by the Mosuo people. It is also the home of the Matriarchal Tribe and the Kingdom of Women.

In the morning, I got up early to enjoy beautiful sunrise over Lugu Lake. After breakfast, I transfer to visit a local Mosuo family to know more about Mosuo culture. Including their matriarchal system, marriage custom, festivals, religion, attires and daily life. Moreover, l feasted my eyes with breathtaking scenery on the Pearl of Plateau.

It is impressive for people to get know the Mosuo’s unique marriage custom. Mosuo people do not formally marry. Rather, they carry a special ‘walking marriage ’custom. In a walking marriage, both partners live separately under the roof of their own extended family during the day; however, it is common for the man to visit and stay at the women’s house at night(if given permission) until sunrise. Therefore, they do not live in the same household as well as we do, but they are free to visit when granted permission. Due to the separation of the father and mother, it is crucial for the uncle(s) (brothers of the mother)to play a vital role in the development of the children. Children in a walking marriage aren’t raised by their father and mother. Thus, the uncles will take on the responsibilities of the father since the father isn’t around during the daytime.

The family which I visited was a typical ‘walking marriage’ family. The grandmother told me many interesting stories of her family. In the evening, I was invited to stay and take part in their local party. To be honest, it was an awesome trip!