Chuxiong Confucius Temple

Why is Chuxiong Confucius Temple So Special

Although the Chuxiong Confucius Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, it was relocated in the Ming Dynasty. Due to its specific function to worship Confucius, the Chuxiong Confucius Temple is not much different from the local Confucius Temples at that time. At that time, Chuxiong was located at the important site of the Southern Silk Road. At the beginning of the construction, the scale was grand, but it gradually narrowed down in the later period.

After the liberation, the Confucius Temple was in disrepair and some buildings were damaged. At present, there are only Cangjie Hall(苍颉殿), Dacheng Hall(大成殿), Dacheng Gate(大成门), Sanyuan Bridge(三元桥) and Banchi Pool(伴池). Among them, Dacheng Hall is relatively well preserved.

In 1985, the Chuxiong City People’s Government allocated a special fund of more than 100,000 yuan to repair the Confucius Temple. The repaired Dacheng Hall, Dacheng Gate, and the Banchi Pool have not only maintained the architectural style of the original Confucius Temple, but also maintained the solemn elegance and grandeur. In 1987, the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government designated Chuxiong Confucius Temple as provincial-level key cultural relics protection unit.

Where is Chuxiong Confucius Temple

Chuxiong Confucius Temple is located in Lucheng Primary School, Middle Street, Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province. According to historical records, the County Confucius Temple was relocated in the 17th year of Hongzhi (弘治) of the Ming Dynasty (1504); the Prefecture Confucius Temple was relocated to the right of the County Confucian Temple in the sixth year of Jiajing(嘉靖) (1527).

How to Get There

After arriving in Chuxiong City, it is very convenient to get to Chuxiong Confucius Temple. There are 5 bus routes, which  go through Chuxiong Confucius Temple, such as No. 6, 10, 13, 15, 17 buses.

Best Time to Go

Chuxiong Confucius Temple

Chuxiong Confucius Temple is a place where is suitable to visit at any time. Come here and experience the Confucian Culture.

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