Lijiang Rice Sausage

Different from normal sausage, the stuffing for Lijiang Rice Sausage is mainly rice or glutinous rice. Besides eggs and pig blood, it is added with assorted spices; therefore, there are two major kinds of rice sausage that are named in Naxi tongue “Hei Ma Bu (Black Rice Sausage)” and “Bai Ma Bu (White Rice Sausage)” respectively.

Rice Sausage could be prepared in many ways, such as frying and steaming. Each year, people in Lijiang area have the tradition to butcher pigs for the celebration of the coming New Year Festival. Rice sausage is specially made for dishes served on festivals or as gifts for friends in the coming days. 

Mi Guan Chang is a unique flavor of Lijiang. It is cooked with pig blood, rice and many ingredients. Making and having rice sausage is a traditional custom for Naxi people, especially in Spring Festival. At that time almost every family will make rice sausages. The rice sausages are cut into slices and deep-fried or steamed before being taken.