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Yao’an County is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The county is located in the northwest of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture and neighbors Mouding County in the east, Nanhua County in the south, Dayao County in the north, covering a total area of 1803 square kilometers.

Highlights of Yao’an County:

Meige Culture: Meige Culture of Yi nationality originated from Mayou Village of Guantun Township of Yao’an County. It has a long history and unique characteristics. It is regarded as the “root spectrum” of Yi people.

Chinese Buddhism Culture: Bright and magnificent Chinese Buddhist temples are common to be seem in Yao’an, such as Longhua Temple and Defeng Temple.

“Hulusheng” Culture: Yao’an County is called “the hometown of Hulusheng” and Hulusheng Culture Festival  is held here every year.

Huadeng Opera Culture: The traditional Yao’an Huadeng Opera was announced by the State Council as the third batch of national non-posthumous representative projects.

Other Destinations in Yaoan County

    Yaoan County Attractions

    Before you start your trip, figuring out Yao'an County's top attractions and what to do in Yao'an County will make this trip more pleasant and go well. Yao'an enjoys natural attractions left in different periods, such as Shuiqing Forest Park, Zijiuhai Lake and Jinhe Park. What's more, Yao'an is famous for cultural attractions, such as Yaozhou Dudufu Government House, Lizhi Bridge and Meige Culture Garden. Traditional villages and ethnic towns also are must-see attractions in Yao'an, such as Xiguan Village, Cahoyang Village [...]

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    Yaoan County Tours

    Welcome to choose our customized, flexible and unique Yao'an County Tour packages. It can be joined in whatever your Chuxiong Prefecture tour or Yunnan tour. We are here to offer you all kinds of travel plans range from 1 day local trip to 46 days combined Yunnan trip and you can choose what kind of theme you like such as the Yao'an Meige Culture tour, Yao'an Buddhism Culture tour, Yao'an Hulusheng Culture tour and Yao'an Huadeng Opera Culture tour. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    By investigating the weather condition of Yao'an County, We find out the best time to visit Yao'an County. Climate of Yao'an County Yaoan's climate is classified as warm and temperate. In winter, there is much more rainfall than in summer. The climate here is classified as Csb by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average annual temperature is 17.0 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 908 mm. The least amount of rainfall occurs in January. The average in this month is 10 [...]

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    Many means of transportation are available in Yao'an County. We will provide tourists with detailed information about how to get in and get around Yao'an County. How to Get to Yao'an County? By Air There are no airports in Yao'an, so we recommend tourists to get here in other ways. Train The train journey from Kunming to Yao'an County is about 235 kilometers.There is only one train from Kunming to Yao'an. We provide tourists detailed information about this train. Train Number: K9642 Departure Time (Station): 10:28 (Kunming [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Yao'an County is a typical multi-ethnic united county. Various ethnic minorities have created colorful festivals in Yao'an County. Besides, there are many activities and entertainments in Yao'an County. We provide you with a brief view of them. Festivals in Yao'an County 1. Meige Culture Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority (彝族梅葛文化节) On the day of the festival, people pour into the broad pasture of the Mayouping Village Committee. The original Yi people's songs and dances attract the attention of all the people present and affect their hearts. 2. [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Yao'an Travel Tips will be helpful if it's your first time to visit here. For a better travel experience, it's necessary to read the information below. 1.Useful Numbers Zip code: 0878- 3121779 Area code: 0878 Useful Numbers Consumer Complaint: 12315 Tourist Complaint: 0872-2121246 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 Weather Forecast: 121 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 2. Money Exchange Money exchange is offered in any one of the Bank of China in Yao'an County.  1. Yao'an County Branch of People's Bank of China     Address: No.35, Baocheng Road of Dongchuan Town     [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good facilitators for us. In order to show you clear direction and location, this part provides you some useful maps of Yao'an County like Yao'an County Region Map, Yao'an County Tourist Attractions Map, Yao'an County Location Map, the map that how to get to Yao'an from Kunming and the map that how to get to Yao'an County from Chuxiong City. [...]

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    Yaoan County Accommodation

    We offers all kinds of hotels in Yao'an County for tourists. Here we have collected where to stay in Yao'an County for travelers. All hotels are with good location, cost-efficient prices and considerate services. Guesthouse Yao'an Zhenwei Hotel (姚安真味大酒店) Address: In the opposite of Nanduan Road Local Tax Bureau in Baocheng Road Telephone: 0878-5713262 Yao'an Jiayuan Theme Hotel (姚安佳缘主题酒店) Address: Next China Mobile Business Hall of Zhengjie Road  Telephone: 17387861660 Yao'an Dontai Hotel (姚安东泰酒店) Address: In Nanyong Highway of Yan'an Hotel Telephone: [...]

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