Linxiang District

Linxiang District Overview

Chinese Name: 临翔区 English IPA: Linxiang District Location: Southwest of Yunnan Population (city): 320,000 Language: Yunnan Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Linxiang District(临翔区) is the seat of Lincang municipal government, located in southwest of Yunnan province, 532 kilometers away from Kunming. It is on the watershed between Lancang river and Nujiang river, close to the Lancang river. It borders Jinggu Dai, Yi and Lahu autonomous county in the east, Jingdong Yi autonomous county and Zhenyuan Hani, Lahu autonomous county in the south, Gengma Dai, Wa autonomous county in the west and Yunxian county in the north. And It is an excellent position to start your ethnic Minorities discovery tour. 

Highlights of Linxiang District

Ethnic Minorities: 23 minorities live in Linxiang District like Yi, Bai, Dai, Zhuang, Miao, Hui, Lisu, Lahu.

The Capital of Eternal Spring: Annual average temperature is 16.8℃-17.9℃. With livable climate, it is called “capital of eternal spring.

Ethnic Towns: Nanmei Lahu Ethnic Town(南美拉祜族乡) and Pingcun Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(平村彝族傣族乡) with rich ethnic culture.

Other Destinations in Linxiang District

    Linxiang District Attractions

    Located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, Linxiang District is a remote and mysterious land with 23 Ethnic Minority groups, many traditional ethnic villages and natural scenery.  1. Wulao Mountain Forest Park(五老山森林公园) Wulao Mountain got its name because it looks like five old people are chatting when seen from a distance. It is national AA level tourist attraction, national forest park. It is 25 kilometers away from the suburbs of Linxiang District, its scenery has been one of the ten best in [...]

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    Linxiang District Tours

    There are both human landscapes and natural landscapes in Linxiang District. You will learn Minorities culture in Nanmei Lahu Ethnic Town and Pingcun Yi and Dai ethnic town, and admire the charm of Nature when you visit Yulong Lake(玉龙湖) and Sea of cloud in Bangdong and Matai. You will also see different birds and trees in Wulao mountain national forest park. Of course, tea culture tour is essential in Lincang. So as to present as many wonderful scenic spots as possible and avoid [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Linxiang District belongs to subtropical mountain monsoon climate, annual average temperature is 16.8℃ to 17.9℃, sufficient sunlight, abundant rainfall, warm winter, cool summer, spring-like all year round. It is called "Asian constant temperature city". There are less rain in winter and spring, while plenty rainfall in summer and autumn. Annual average precipitation is 1160.5 and annual sunshine duration is 2105.4 hours. You can Travel in Linxiang District throughout the year. But the best time to visit Linxiang District is Spring and summer. In [...]

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    Transportation in Linxiang District mainly relies on highways and airlines. There are long-distance buses running between Linxiang District and its surrounding cities such as Kunming, Dali and Lijiang and so on. In addition, there are also flights connecting with Kunming, Dali and Simao(思茅), etc. Getting to/leaving By Air  Lincang airport, located in the west of Boshang Town(博尚镇), is 22.5 kilometers away from Linxiang District. It is a key port to connect Yunnan province and southeast and south Asian countries. For the transport between the airport and the [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Festivals in Linxiang District are represented by Lahu, Yi and Dai. Lahu Ethnic Group Nanmei Lahu ethnic town(南美拉祜族乡) is in the southwest of linxiang District, 48 kilometers from the seat of Linxiang District government. 7 ethnic groups live there, Lahu people accounts for 72.14% of the population. There are many Lahu Festivals, Spring Festival, The Torch Festival, New Rice Festival, Kala Festival(卡腊节), Bridging Festival(搭桥节) and so on. The most typical and representative festival is The Gourd Festival. The Gourd Festival(葫芦节) Lahu people take gourd [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance:120 Zip Code: 677000 Weather Report: 12121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Check Telephone Number: 114 Tourist Complaint: 0883-2127788 What to Prepare 1. Dressing: In Summer, a thin coat is needed to prevent a slight drop of temperature in rainy days. In spring and autumn, due to temperature difference between morning and night, it is better to prepare a coat to prevent a cold. In winter, temperature is relatively low, warm clothes should be prepared to keep warm. 2. Sunscreen: Located on the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, the outdoor ultraviolet radiation is [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To get a better understanding about Linxiang District and plan a travel tour more clearly, we have put some useful Linxiang District maps. Our Linxiang District maps cover different types of useful maps including tourist attractions maps of Linxiang District, region maps of Linxiang District, location maps of Linxiang District and transportation maps of Linxiang District, etc.  [...]

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    Linxiang District Accommodation

    Linxiang District is the seat of Lincang municipal government, economic development is relatively good. There are many hotels to choose from, so the accommodation in Linxiang District is convenient. Here are a list of some hotels. Chinese name English name Address Phone number 临沧和堂玥春 Lincang He Tang Yue Chun Hotel No.1 Chayuan Road, Mangpan Street(忙胖街道茶苑路1号) 0883-2133388 云南临通大酒店 Yunnan Lintong Hotel No.352 Century Road(世纪路352号) 0883-3119988 临沧金海棠大酒店 Lincang Jinhaitang Hotel Donggang Construction Materials City, Mianning Avenue(缅宁大道东港建材城) 0883-2130371 临沧空港观光酒店 Lincang Airport Tourism Hotel No.565 Century Road(世纪路565号) 0883-2165555 瑞临酒店 Ruilin Hotel No.490 Qishan Road Linxiang District临沧市临翔区旗山路490号) 0883-2160800 渝都商务酒店 Yudu Business Hotel No.43 Nantang Street(南塘街43号) 0883-3101666 腾达酒店 Tengda Hotel No.304 Nantian Road(南天路304号) 0883-2125666 临沧万佳酒店 Lincang Wanjia Hotel No.235 Tingqi Road(汀旗路235号) 0883-3117777 临沧瑞翔快捷酒店 Ruixiang Budget [...]

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