Jinsuo Ancient Bridge in Huaning County, Yuxi

Chinese Name: 华宁县金锁桥
English Name: Jinsuo Ancient Bridge in Huaning County, Yuxi

The Golden Lock Bridge: A Historic Landmark in Huaining County The Golden Lock Bridge spans east-west across the Longdong River, located 7 kilometers south of Huaining County Town on the Nanningxi Highway. In the morning light, it seems veiled in a mysterious aura.

Historical Significance

Built in 1745: A Testament to Qing Dynasty Engineering

Constructed in the Year Yichou of the Qing Dynasty in 1745, the Golden Lock Bridge stands as one of Yunnan Province’s largest single-arch stone bridges. It boasts dimensions of 37 meters in length, 14 meters in height, and 9 meters in width, with a clear span of 18 meters. The bridge deck sits 11.9 meters above the riverbed, showcasing a deck thickness of 2.1 meters.Jinsuo Ancient Bridge in Huaning County, Yuxi

Architectural Resilience

280 Years of Endurance and Majesty

Having stood for 280 years, enduring centuries of wind and rain, the Golden Lock Bridge remains a majestic testament to resilience.

Ornamental Grandeur

Elegant Pavilions and Inscriptions

Inside the bridge’s railing, two stone pavilions, Weituo Fang and Guanyin Ge, stand symmetrically spaced 6 meters apart. They serve both structural purposes and ornamental grandeur. Weituo Fang features three plaques on its eaves columns, with the central one reading “Divine Response in Three Provinces,” complemented by “Bright Moon” and “Clear Wind” on the left and right plaques, respectively. Guanyin Ge showcases a central stone plaque bearing the inscription “Merciful Crossing for All Beings,” with a poetic couplet engraved on its columns: “Dew persists, the emerald waters warm; clouds surge, the rainbow hues anew.”

Scenic Surroundings

Nature’s Embrace

Surrounded by stunning scenery, the Golden Lock Bridge is flanked to the east by the layered peaks of Cuiping Mountain and to the west by the winding hills of Xiangbi Ridge. Bamboo groves line its sides, gentle waters flow beneath, and lush trees provide shade along the banks.

Natural Springs and Childhood Memories

The “Bathing Pond” Springs

At the bridge’s head stand towering stone walls, with two hot springs bubbling forth from its base. These springs were fondly known as the “Bathing Pond” in childhood days, lending their name to the village on the opposite hillside, eventually becoming popular as the “Elephant Nose Hot Springs” with tourism development starting in the late 1980s. Xianrendong Cave, once a small shop, holds cherished memories from childhood amidst this picturesque landscape.