Ladeng Waterfalls in Jinping County, Honghe

Chinese Name: 金平马鞍底拉登瀑布
English Name: Ladeng Waterfalls in Jinping County, Honghe

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The Ladeng River Waterfall Group is located in the Ma’andi Township in the eastern part of the Jinping County, about 146 kilometers to the county seat. It is the most splendid ecological tourism area of the county’s tourism resources. It is like a wedge and faces Vietnam to its east, south and west. The vegetation of the area is very lush and the landscapes of the area are extremely beautiful. The area is known as the “mysterious tourism area” in China. In the beginning of 1950s, the renowned song writer Tian Han visited this area and was astonished by its beauty. Tian then wrote songs of singing praises of the sceneries of area.

The whole waterfall group is located in upper reaches of the Ladeng River (also called the Wutai River) and its branch Shidong River, close to the Maguaitang Village of the Ma’andi Township. There are six rarely-seen waterfall subgroups in total, one in the upper reaches of the Shidong River and five in the upper reaches of the Ladeng River. The altitude of the fifth waterfall subgroup of the Ladeng River is 2,621 meters. The heights of waterfalls are between 60 and 100 meters and the widths of them are all about 10 meters. The locals call all of them Ladeng Waterfalls, which came from an interesting story involving a peasant debtor who ran away and hid behind one of the waterfalls in the old society. The Tourism Bureau of the county has constructed the path for tourists to the first and second waterfall subgroups of the Wutai River and the waterfall subgroup of the Shidong River.

When you are in the area, you will be able to see the magnificent waterfalls flowing down like silver dragons and hear the sounds going like drumbeats. The air of the area has very high oxygen content. On sunny day, you will also be able to see rainbows beside the waterfalls. On the two sides of the rivers, typical aqueous rock could be seen. Since the rivers flow through dense forests, the water of the river is dark green. The forests around the waterfalls contains many rare plants including the spinulose tree fern, wild plantain, wild tea plant, wild orchid, Amomum tsaoko, rare bamboos and rare vines.

Ladeng Waterfalls in Jinping County, Honghe