Laifeng Mountain National Forest Park in Tengchong County, Baoshan

Laifeng Mountain National Forest Park

Located in the south of the county seat, the Laifeng Mountain is regarded as the symbol of Tengchong. Though not very high, it is strategically situated and difficult of access and more beautiful than any other mountain in the area. The hill is covered with luxuriant green trees. The name of the hill came from the shape of the hill, which looks like a phoenix resting at the Tengchong Basin. Textual research has shown that the Laifeng Mountain was formed about 900,000 years ago when volcanoes erupted here. It is one of the oldest volcanoes in Tengchong. When the sun shines again after a rain, the mountain is shrouded in mist and clouds. So the Laifeng Mountain is famous for its mist and clouds when the weather becomes fine after a rain, and is one of the twelve scenic spots in Tengchong. The whole park has an area of 97,000 mu.

Laifeng Park lies at the foot of the Laifeng Mountain. It was built where the Laifeng Temple was built in the Qing Dynasty. Climbing on scores of steps, you will reach the gate of the Laifeng Temple, over which is a board engraved with “Laifeng Temple”, which was written by Zhao Puchu, president of the Chinese Buddhism Association. Everywhere you can see ponds, winding corridors, rockeries, little bridges and pavilions, which will remind you of the gardens in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. This Buddhist temple is well-known in the western part of yunnan and the northern part of Burma. In Laifeng Park there is an exhibition of historical relics and ethnic customs and cultures. The History and Nature Museum of Tengchong is also located inside the park.

Why is Laifeng Mountain National Park so special?

Due to its unique natural and cultural landscape, it is called a “green pearl” embedded in the first city of the extreme side. With over 90% plants coverage, it is the national forest park. It also offers the rich spicies, more than 300 species of wild birds and 50 species of mammals.

Where is Laifeng Mountain National Park?

Laifeng Mountain National Park is located at the foot of the Laifeng Mountain, 1 km south of the county seat. The forest coverage rate is over 90%, the highest altitude is 1912 meters, and the lowest altitude is 1640 meters.

How to get to Laifeng Mountain National Park?

It is 1 km from downtown of Tengchong. It is convenient for travelers to drive or cycle to Laifeng National Park.

Main Attractions

Laifeng Temple(来凤寺)

Laifeng Temple, Tengchong’s most famous Buddhist resort, was built in the Nanzhao period of the Tang Dynasty. It was originally called Longfeng Temple. It was renamed Laifeng Temple in the Ming Dynasty. It was later destroyed in the Qing Dynasty. The existing temple was rebuilt for the thirteenth year of Guangxu Period of Qing Dynasty(AD 1887).

The architecture of Laifeng Temple is elegant and exquisite. The Buddha statue of Daxiong Temple is compassionate and solemn. The Yufo Temple has white jade reclining Buddha and eighteen arhats. On the left front side of the Daxiong Hall, there is the Sakyamuni Buddha Temple, which is dedicated to the statue of Bai Yu Sakyamuni Buddha. On the left side, there are four high-rise buildings in the ancient city of Tengyue.

Baiyu Zushi Temple(白玉祖师殿)

Outside the garden on the right side of the Daxiong Hall, there is the Baiyuzu Shidian Temple, which was built in the first year of Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty (AD 1821). It is the place where the jeweler and jade industry colleagues are dedicated to the ancestors Baiyu real people and gatherings.

Fengling Tower(凤岭塔)

The Fengling Tower on the top of the mountain was built in the 7th year of the Qing Dynasty (AD 1827) and was destroyed during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The tower is on the central axis of the Confucian Temple, like a pen, and lotus pond is like an ink-slab. If there are enough writing tools, the talents come forth in large numbers. Therefore, the folks call the Fengling Tower Wenbi Tower, a writing tower. The writing tower has become a symbol of the Tengchong people’s literary grace.

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Nearby Attractions

Heshun Ancient Town

Heshun Ancient Town is located in 4 kilometers southwest of Tengchong County. ‘Heshun’ meas peaceful and great life of Heshun people. With a population of more than 6000, the overseas Heshun people total more than 12000 hence the frame ‘ The Home of Overseas Chinese’. Enjoying long history and civilization of more than 600 years, there is around 1000 traditional folk residences in Heshun, 100 of which is built in Qing Dynasty, known as the ‘Living Fossil of Chinese Ancient Architecture’. You can not only appreciate the romantic charm of Hui-style architecture but also find out some western elements in Heshun Ancient Town. The Chinese and Western style mix together and show a unique charm.

The Hot Sea and Hot Field

The Big Boiling Bowl is one of the main attractions in Tengchong County that is accessible from Heshun village. The temperature reaches up to 97 degrees in some of the springs. The locals even offer eggs cooked in the hot springs. The water contains high levels of minerals that provide a lot of benefits for the skin.

Useful Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit: Travelers had better to visit Laifeng Mountain from April to October, with fragrant grass and booming flowers. Relatively speaking, the summer is hot and rainy, the winter climate is cold, and the comfort is slightly inferior to the spring and autumn.

Opening Hours: Park opening time differs in terms of season, 6:30-18:30 in spring, autumn and winter, 8:00- 17:00 in winter.