Qujing Things to Do and Attractions

Thanks to the temperate weather, various attractions and splendid folk culture, Qujing is an all-year-round destination and there are some attractions in Qujing. The most renowned sightseeing is Luoping rapeseed fields, an endless golden flower sea and a terrific place for shooting. Nine Dragon Waterfall is also amazing with grand and magnificent view, consisted by different waterfalls in Luoping. Stretch your way to Dahai Caoshan Mountain, you will come across a large group of sheep and the local people. You can also explore the traditional culture in the Tumulus Group of the Eight Towers Platform and Nagu Ancient Town in Huize county.

Top Attractions in Qujing

When you step on the beautiful and tranquil land, travelers will see the picturesque landscape, unique natural scenic spots and the colorful ethnic culture, which are the most important elements of Qujing tour. When you come to Qujing, the top attractions in Qujing  are must-visit. Qujing, known as a land of wonders, both natural and man-made, will make you forget to leave.

Best Places For Bird-watching in Qujing

Black-necked cranes can be seen in Nianhu Lake wetland of the black-necked crane state nature reserve in Huize County, southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Black-necked cranes are world endangered animals. What’s more, there are other places for bird-watching for birds lovers in Qujing City.

Ancient Towns in Qujing

The ancient towns are full of stories with thousands year. The ancient towns are also evidences what happened in the past. Huize Ancient Town is always full of quietness of life, which is the best place to trace the architecture culture of Qujing.

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Best Places to Experience Religious Culture in Qujing

Religious culture seems like complex idea to study from the perspective of concepts. After all, scholars and philosophers have long debated the meaning of these terms and the impact they have had on our comprehension of the social world around us. For visitors, the temples, mosques, churches are the best places to experience the religious culture.

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Parks in Qujing

Lakes, Ponds and Rivers in Qujing

For those who love the natural sceneries, Qujing is really a good choice for you. The beautiful Duoyi River and the Niulanjiang River are constituted a beautiful picture, which make people enjoy themselves so much that they forget to leave. Qujing City has many famous rivers, which will make you linger.

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Mountains in Qujing

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Ethnic Towns in Qujing

If you are interested in the ethnic culture, these ethnic towns are the be places to experience the rich ethnic culture atmosphere.

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Traditional Ethnic Villages in Qujing

If you are interested in Qujing for its ethnic culture, the traditional ethnic villages will be the best places to experience the colorful ethnic culture of Qujing City. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can’t be seen anywhere else.

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Best Places to Experience the Red Tourism

The red tourism sites are encouraged to increase cooperation with surrounding schools, the Communist Party of China (CPC) committees and government institutions, to attract more students and party members to learn about the country’s revolutionary history.

Historical & Cultural Sites in Qujing

Other Attractions in Qujing