Sansheng Palace in Tonghai County, Yuxi

About Sansheng Palace

Sansheng palace三圣宫 was built in the late Yuan dynasty, which has been reconstructed and restored in the past dynasties. The existing buildings were built in the early Qing dynasty and the late Qing dynasty. There are 6 well-preserved wood carvings partition doors carved by woodcarving artist, Gao Yingmei高应美 in Qing dynasty, having the reputation of “the first wood carving within the country”. The wood carving door is 3.2 meters high, 0.6 meters wide and 0.07 meters thick. There are 7 dragons, 4 cows, 20 horses, 149 figures, stone and trees, towers and courtyards carved on the toon, fantastic and beautiful.

Where is Sansheng Palace?

Sansheng palace三圣宫 in Tonghai County is located at the Xiaoxin Village小新村, Gucheng Village Committee古城村委会, Yangguang Town杨广镇, Tonghai County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, 6 kilometers away from the county seat of Tonghai County. In 1993, Sansheng palace was listed as the 4th batch of provincial cultural relics protection unit.

Nearby Attractions

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Best Time to Visit

Sansheng Palace in Tonghai County

Sansheng palace visit is mainly indoor activities, therefore tour is possible all the year round.

How to Get There

Sansheng palace三圣宫 is only 6 kilometers from the county seat of Tonghai County. Therefore, for transportation, you can refer to Xiushan Mountain Park. After arriving at Tonghai County, you can take a taxi or minibus to Sansheng palace.

Accommodation Around Sansheng Palace

Sansheng Palace is not far from the county seat of Tonghai County. You can stay in Tonghai County for Overnight. 

Sansheng Palace in Tonghai County

Sansheng Palace in Tonghai County