Xiashan Ecological Tea Company in Fengqing County, Lincamg

Chinese Name:凤庆县峡山茶业公司
English Name: Xiashan Ecological Tea Company in Fengqing County, Lincang

①Xiashan Ecological Tea Company in Fengqing county,Lincang(凤庆县峡山茶业公司) which predecessor was a primary processing factory in Xiashan(峡山初制所) ,was established in 1952,has the history of nearly 64 years. The company is a principally engaged in tea processing, sales and tea culture transmission private enterprise. The company based in northern Mengyou town(勐佑镇) , which belongs to Fengqing county(凤庆县), Mengyou town, Xinlin village committee(新林村委会), 50 kilometers from the county town of Fengqing , 12 kilometers from Mengyou town. The company has two primary processing factories and a original ecology organic tea plantation, covering an area of 21.64 acres. Among that, building area is 5600 square meters, office complex covers 500 square meters, processing workshop covers 4100 square meters, storage covers 1000 square meters.Xiashan Ecological Tea Company in Fengqing County, Lincamg

The company has two clean Congou black tea production lines and one clean Congou green tea production line . It’s annual production of black tea is 1500 ton, production of green tea is 200 ton. The company’s fixed asserts are 60 million, existing staff 61people, annual sales more than 20 million , the area of service plantation more than 10000 acres , service tea farmers more than 3000 households. The company’s agricultural output nearly 30 million, products are extremely welcomed by consumers,and selling very well in Beijing,Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and so on . The black tea of “classic golden needle ” has won gold award at Beijing International Tea Expo in 2015(北京国际茶叶博览会) , the market share of company’s products gradually increased .

②The company has obtained the national industrial production license in 2012,was firmly believed as leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Lincang city in 2013,and the brand of“Xiashan”(“峡山”) has obtained the title of“Lincang city’s well– known trademark ”(“临沧市知名商标”). The products of Xiashan were evaluated as “agricultural brand name product ”(“云南名牌农产品”) in Yunnan by agricultural department of Yunnan province in 2014. 2015, the company was firmly believed as leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization by agricultural industrialization leading group of Yunan province.

③At the end of 2015, The company’s total asserts were 74 million and 650 thousand yuan ,total indebtedness was 5million and 930 thousand yuan,debt–to –asserts ratio was 7.94 percent, total profit was 5 million, and 241thousand, paid in amount is13 thousand and 93 hundred yuan.The production and operation of the enterprise are in good condition.

④For years,Xiashan company not only develop its own,but also help masses get rich.

⑤On the one hand,the company positively take part in the project of “enterprises to co–work with villages”(“村企共建”),following the mode of company——cooperative——base—— household(“公司—合作社—基地—农户” ),carry out “contract farming ”(“订单农业”) management with more than 10000 acres plantations and three thousand households. That is,the company establishes organic tea management norm,production standards,peaking standards,acquisition time and purchase price, signs acquisition agreement with farmers,then farmers according to the company’s demands,organize production and sell fresh tea to company.In this way,solve the farmers sales woe because of long distance. The company provide farmers more than 30 yuan tea incomes every year.

⑥On the other hand,the company changes the traditional tea production mode,develops organic tea production positively,at the base of 1500 acres organic tea plantations,strives to enlarge the covering of organic tea plantation,advocates no fertilizers,no pesticides,products according to organic norm,the company purchases the organic fresh tea with the price higher than market twice, thus benefits farmers and encourages their enthusiasm to product organic tea,Improve the company’s products’ quality,enhance products’ market competitiveness. Not only the company obtains good economic results,but also the farmers increase incomes more than 15 million yuan , achieve mutually benefit and win–win between company and farmers.
Translate by  Gao Yuming/高雨明