Xueshan Town Tea Plantation in Fengqing County, Lincang

Chinese Name: 凤庆县雪山镇茶区
English Name: Xueshan Tea Plantation in Fengqing County, Lincang
Keywords: Tea Culture, Xueshan Town of Fengqing County, Fengqing Attraction
Location: Xueshan Town of Fengqing County,Lincang
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About Xueshan Town

Located in the south of the Fengqing County(凤庆县), 90 kilometers away from the county, 32 kilometers away from Yun county(云县), Xueshan Town(雪山镇) of Fengqing County  is famous for the Snow Mountain(雪山) in its territory.


Xueshan Town borders with Aihua Town(爱华镇) of Yun County in the east, Xingfu Town(幸福镇) in the south, San Chahe Town(三岔河镇) in the west and Luodang Town(洛党镇) in the north. Covering an area of 203.03 square kilometers, the highest altitude has reached 3098 meters. The terrain of it is more higher in the northwest and lower in the northeast with an average annual rainfall of 1300 millimeters. The total population of the town reached 28,651 by the end of the 2006, among which 27,882 were agricultural population.


At the first beginning, it was named Xueshan village(雪山乡) in 1988. Under the adjustment of government, it was renamed Xueshan Town in 2002. In the fame of the Snow Mountain, local people work hard and produce distinctive local products for attracting more tourists. With the opening of Yunxue high way(云雪公路 ), it takes less time for people to reach Xueshan Town from Fengqing County.

Xueshan Tea Plantation

Xueshan Tea Plantation in Fengqing County, Lincang

It’s recorded that the there are more than 2000 mu of ancient tea plantations and 1000 mu of wild ancient tea tree communities being cultivated in the area of Xueshan Town. Through the census and listing protection, it was found that the maximum diameter of the wild tea tree could be 2 meters, which the tree age was above 1400 according to the estimation. Located in the Xinping Village(新平村) with a diameter of 1.22 meters and 7.5 meters high, the age of the largest single cultivable ancient tea tree is more than 200. At present, there are plenty of ancient tea tree communities being found, which mainly distributed in the area of Dazhaishan Village(大寨山), Xiazhaishan Village(下寨山) and etc. In the area of Xueshan Town, the most famous tea is Daye tea of Fengqing County.

There are some ancient tea trees in Anhe Village (安和村) including  Qingmulin Village(轻木林), Tangzikou Village(塘子口) and Ziyahu Village(子亚户). Ziyahu is a beautiful village facing to the mountain peak between Fengqing and Yunxian Counties. There is a big banyan tree more than 200 years in Ziyahu Village.  Here is also the hometown of Charlie Lee(李如灿 in Chinese) who is the founder of Yunnan Exploration.

Attraction Transportation:

You can take the shuttle bus from Fengqing County to Xueshan Town at Fengqing Coach Station.

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Traveling Seasons: All seasons

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