Xizhou Baba Pancake in Dali

XizhouBaba  of Dali also is called Poshu, is a kind of roasting a round flat cake by the wheat flour with all good color, joss-stick, and flavor, is a kind of taste snack in cities and countries in Dali, the traditional Papa of Bai Nationality in Xi State is the most famous. The wheat powder is the main raw material of Papa in Xi State, making powder should be paid more attention to, add just the right amount of last alkali, crumple deeply, then use the ethereal oil layering, putting chopped onion, wild pepper, table salt is a salty flavor; Add the ham, diced meat, oil, brown sugar wraps the heart as sweet flavor.

After making into the small round flat cakes of circular, once is 6, salty and sweet are each half, puts to a tee on a piece of circular kitchen chopping board, then use the oil brush in a round flat cakes with an upward exposure of a the noodles brush up one layer scented ointment, then put into the oil pan to bake. For about 10 minutes, a pot of yellow, savory, Poshu is OK. The Papa in Xi State is not only the color and delicacy joss-stick, but also is cheap and benefit. It has been taken as the convenient food within daily life usually, which is welcome among the people doubly. At the same time, it also is the extremely good food to go out to labor or tour of holding.